Miami coaches at Columbus this morning


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Sep 5, 2014
Miami HC Mark Richt, DC Manny Diaz & Safety's coach Ephraim Banda are on the Columbus's campus right now.
- Quick Side note: We just finished first period here at Columbus and CJ Henderson is in that class with me. He was not in class this morning. There's some notes that he is playing in the USA game with Trajan Bandy but I don't know if they're on campus today. Miami is probably here to see 2018 commit Josh Jobe if Henderson and Bandy are not on campus

-Update: They're not on campus this morning. Henderson and Bandy are in Orlando for the USA game. Look for Trajan Bandy and DJ Johnson to stay in Henderson's ear all week long. Also UF has one commit playing in the game and that is Elijah Blades from California. He's likely to flip to Nebraska before signing day.

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Wow. IMO it is huge to have those two guys (one being a close friend and the other being one of our most vocal recruits) in CJ's ear all week.

Call me crazy, but I'm starting to feel much better about our chances with this kid. Especially with the UV last week and all the recent talk that he isn't the UF lock many once considered him to be. This is shaping up to be a potentially major close.
Look for OP at standing detention after school today for posting during class time. [MENTION=1458]De Pinga[/MENTION]
I wouldn't be so sure about that Nebraska flip. I think a west coast school is more likely