Miami at VT 7pm ACCN

Gables Canes

Jan 10, 2017
Hugely important game. Since Lunardi, Palm, and the other bracket experts have us as a 10 seed, a loss tonight puts us firmly on the bubble.

VT is a 5 point favorite. Kenpom and Vegas are still very high on VT on low on us. Per Kenpom's model, VT is 42nd and we are 64th. The model thinks we are fairly worse than VT despite a much better record. Let's hope the models are wrong.
Despite 2 gravely tough losses to FSU we should come away with some confidence. Also previously winning on the road will help us here. I like Miami -6
Aluma and Mutts deservedly get all the press but don't want to see the kid from Orlando, Hunter Cattoor, going off on us with a barrage of 3's. He can be deadly.
Getting 5 against this god awful Tech team that played twice in the last 4 days. Something is way off but I’ll take that trap line.
What am I missing? 10-9 VT. 2-6 in the ACC.
5 point favorites. 82% win chance on ESPN.
This chick is just reading stats, and the commentary sounds like she started watching basketball 2 months ago and is reading a script.
Anybody know why were in zone against a team that loves jacking threes and get a lot of Long off rebounds?
Don't think they can afford to have multiple bench guys in at the same time for long stretches...just doesn't seem to flow when they go that route