Mar 5 vs Florida 6pm ACCNX

Don't have to scout to know that is where you hit the ball. Hopefully Carrier makes up for it at the plate. And just like that 1-0 Gators.
Ligon is throwing some juicy pitches to these gator hitters. They’re all over him right now. Fast ball doesn’t seem to have much to it
Great job catcher. Seems like we are going to throw some dudes out this year.

1-0 gators after a rocky start for our canes. Ligon got hit hard in inning one and seemed to be missing his spots consistently
that a boy yo-yo. Off the top of the wall. A foot away from getting out of here. Double for yo-yo and he continues his tear
Ligon with a quick 3 up 3 down.

Carrier looks so uncomfortable in right. He hasn’t done anything offensively since Towson so I expect a change tomorrow if he doesn’t get the bat going tonight
3 up 3 down for canes. We need to get this kids pitch count up for Florida. He is lights out right now. 97 on outside corner followed by a mean breaking ball for a strike
The players and most importantly the pitcher needs to point to where the ball is on the strikeout ball in the dirt. Everyone just watched like a spectator saying and doing nothing. The inning should have been over. The lack of communication extended the inning. A mental error costs 2 runs.