King is "here to win", speaks on Lashlee's offense

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Stefan Adams

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Feb 9, 2018
After running Houston’s spread offense in 2018 and parts of 2019, grad transfer QB D’Eriq King comes to Miami with high expectations of putting up big numbers in Rhett Lashlee’s new offense. After all, King had already put himself squarely into the Heisman conversation heading into the 2019 season following a junior year where he accounted for 50 total TD’s for the Cougars.

On Wednesday, King talked about the path that led him to Miami, which included sitting out most of the 2019 season to preserve his final year of eligibility.

“Miami, it’s a great place, they have a great history behind the program,” King said. “A lot of guys here with talent. And me and coach Lashlee, seeing what kind of offense he ran, I felt I’m a good fit for his offense. I came on my visit, me and the guys on the team felt it was the right connection. I felt comfortable.”

What about Lashlee and Miami ultimately drew him towards becoming a Hurricane?

“Everything,” King said. “It was finding the right fit for me as far as football. Coming on campus, getting to watch tape on the receivers, the O-Line. I’d met coach Lashlee before and getting to know him better and watching the tape of what he wants to do - the up-tempo offense, I have experience in it. I felt it was the best fit ultimately.”

It’s been no secret that UM has struggled with leadership in the QB room, something King hopes to change right away.

“Playing college football the last four years, I’m very experienced,” King said. “I want to win. I feel everything you can do right now as far as having fun… football should be fun, but you have to focus on the task at hand right now.

“I pride myself on working hard. I try to do the right thing - doing the right thing pays off for you.”

A record-setting high school QB from Manvel HS in Texas, King elected to begin his college career at WR to get on the field at Houston with senior and future NFL’er Greg Ward in front of him on the QB depth chart. His natural athleticism led him to catch 59 passes for 504 yards and 3 TD’s in a year and a half playing receiver, before he switched back to QB in the middle of his sophomore year when another future NFL player, Kyle Allen, got benched.

“I played receiver my freshman year of college, half my sophomore year - that was my first-time playing receiver,” King said. “Playing QB, I feel the QB has to work extremely hard to be productive. Quarterback is now second nature to me. I have a lot to work on, am trying to put the work in, get better.”

On Miami’s receivers and tight ends: "They look really good. A lot of fast guys here," King said.

With the Canes moving to the spread offense for the first time, King feels the scheme will eventually give the UM players an advantage in terms of relaxing and letting their abilities take over.

"Having experience in playing in a high-tempo offense, I know it allows guys to go out there and play,” King said. “You still have to make the right reads, decisions with the ball... Taking a lot of shots, running the ball - I feel like playing in this offense can help me be successful here."

At the end of the day, King has just one goal.

"For me, I'm here to win,” King said. “I'm going to do everything I can, everything to help my teammates."

Home Slice

Sep 10, 2016
I love what he said. Hopefully it translates to the entire roster. Impressive as fvck that he had never played receiver yet has 59 catches to his name as a freshman and part of his sophomore year. No denying his athletic ability.


Sep 25, 2017
What happened last year with him? I haven't really looked, but that 18 year was great for sure.