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July 1st Recruiting Board


Jul 27, 2020
a good amount of our targets crystal balled including wesley by a fsu insider


Jan 30, 2012
WR- Quan Lee decommitting was no surprise and it seems like Coach Likens could possibly be taking just 2 WRs in this class. Jayden Gibsons' Top 7 I expect Miami to be in it and possibly waiting until the football season plays out to for Gibson to make his announcement. I personally don't think we land Horton but if we do then my theory of only 2 WRs will go out the window if Jayden wants in. Sean Wilson has also made a impression but I don't think we pull the trigger on him.

TE- Jaleel Skinner was smiling all throughout Paradise Camp while I was there and it was pretty obvious the staff made him a priority on his visit. It seemed like Skinner ALWAYS had a former or current player with him throughout the Camp along with Coach Fields. I think his family and him loved the Miami vibe and he chooses the Canes.

OL- I think Malik Agbo visit to Oklahoma was too good to pass up from a few people I talked to that have kept in contact with him. Andrew Chamblee and Jacob Hood I would both put in that 50% category on the Canes landing them. Tapuvae "Snoop" Amaama is a new name on the board and after seeing him live at Paradise Camp, he shot up tremendously and could be a take for the Canes.

LB- Tolan and Jacksons' visit was as good as it can get from everything I heard and think Canes end up landing both!

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@bradtejeda , Are we going to get an update of the Recruiting Board after tonight's announcement? Or have your contacts on staff clamped down on any more speculation?