Coaching Josh Pate Late Kick Live tonight: Talks Mario's staff

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: this dude is one of the better CFB talking heads out there. Gives credit when it’s due, but also approaches topics realistically and objectively and isn’t afraid to break your heart if your program is heading in the wrong direction.

Also him mentioning us theorizing about his age is hilarious, dude is tapped into these fanbases for sure lol
We should invite him to a CiS game thread.

“Hey Josh…”

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The last staff that could’ve done that was maybe (and I hate to say this) the FSU staff that was assembled that won the natty in 2013. And right now what we have blows that out of the water with Steele, Strong, and Mirabal alone.

When you add all the other pieces: a Broyles award winning OC/WR coach who coached the likes of Jeudy, Devonta and Ruggs, a DB coach who’s proven himself to be one of the best recruiters in the nation, a former OC who’s coached some of the better offenses in the FBS now solely focusing on QBs, etc. This shįt is gonna be biblical, can’t wait to see how the remaining spots fill out.

Topics include CF Playoff Expansion, LSU & Kelly, Marios staff and Saban's Press Conference last week.

Mario talk starts around 41:00 minute mark. Pate talks about CIS board and the thread about his interview last week with Mario.....

The Mario/CIS stuff was great. He made a really good point that almost everyone Mario has hired has worked for either Saban or Mario before. That means Mario knows those guys can handle his grind. A lot of coaches can't.

But the Saban segment after that might have been even better. There are a few lessons in there that everyone who posts on the recruiting page needs to learn.