Jaylan Knighton Talks Top Schools, Sets Decision Date


Sep 18, 2012
Dorlus and his own coaches were oblivious to his commitable offers. LOL
Ya man you can keep going with this if you want, I stated my little opinion...you stated yours. Like I said you would know more than me.

Would he really "know" unless he tried "committing" and they said yes or no? Lotta kids (esp in Sofla where schools are throwing BS offers around left and right to start/keep pipelines and backup plans) have been told no by a lot of schools they thought they could commit to.

The U Code

Redshirt Freshman
Feb 2, 2013
You know sh!t if you think that's how recruiting works. Kids don't automatically like/choose the better team. He wanted to play earlier, hence the reason he didn't choose Clemson.

Y'all are trying to sit here and tell his own coach that he didn't have a committable offer. Lol I love this board..
If I was his coach I would want people to think Clemson wanted him too...don’t blame ya a bit


Cane from Italy
Dec 21, 2016
It was FSPOO’s insider Zach Blowhard who put it in and he did it immediately following the end of our game. I wouldn’t put to much stock into it.
I agree. Those FSU writers have been trying to make everyone think all kinds of stuff this week.
They are retarded.

What the fucking ****, usually I’m not a homer: I try to be the most realistic I can, every fucking single time, but is it possible that our “rivals” have the most brain damaged writers?

I mean: Stampini? Newberg? Are you fucking kidding me? They shouldn’t have a job right now.