Is this taking things too far?


Dec 27, 2014
That is too far. Why? Because when Diaz is ultimately canned, you want to have talent on the roster for the next guy. By doing this "Attack the program in front of recruits" crap, you are basically ensuring that the guy that comes next, even if he is qualified and talented is doomed to failure. A guy that comes in, with a barren roster and doesn't win in year 2 would be done in the eyes of this fanbase. I've seen this situation before with Golden's last year. Miami fans made it utterly toxic, it actually screwed Richt because he didn't have much to hold on to when he took over. You are seeing some of those effects today, that class was subpar, even for a transition class.

Let Diaz fail on his own, he doesn't need additional help. If by some happenstance he lucks out in recruiting and is able to turn this thing around by sheer talent, then so be it. It's unlikely, the guy is incompetent and wholly unqualified to run a major program. Most of us knew that the day he was hired. Worst case scenario, let this incompetent mouth breather recruit for the next guy.

I am in favor of people voting with their checkbooks. That's the one thing fans and alumni can do that will speak to the beancounters in the athletic department. The ACC Network money can only go so far, and the Adidas renewal is coming up in due time. Miami loses all relevance, people check out on the brand, and it will force those in charge to at least do the rational thing and hire an AD worth a damn. Hire an AD worth a damn, get out of their way, and most of these problems resolve themselves.


Jan 29, 2012
Agree that kids should enjoy their moment. We should be thanking them that they all haven't jumped ship and are still down to play for this mess of a program. There are plenty of ways to attack the coaches and administration besides through a kids social media.