Interview with Bill King

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Peter Ariz

All American
Jun 12, 2012
I joined the Bill King show on Nashville Sports Radio to discuss the state of Miami's program.

Good point about Artur perhaps not sticking if Perry balls out. I won't mind it if Perry truly delivers but if he just happens to be a little above average and we lose Artur it can hurt us in the long run.
Lilttle Petey, not only a local star but going regional, national next, trajectory up. Video to follow
Lets worry about a kid in highschool getting butthurt knowing full well talented players are already on campus.
LOL at Sit backing out if Perry balls out. Not saying it couldn't happen, but Sit won't be ready to take meaningful snaps in college until 2020. That's my view, let's see what happens with his career, but I don't think I'm wrong here in terms of his development.
So sitkowski red shirts. Is backup as RS freshman. Is starter as RS sophomore or RS junior
Shirreffs wins the job and keeps it. Perry transfers, and Sitkowski takes over when Shirreffs leaves.

That should get people riled up...
These kids need to realize they don't need to start day 1. Trubisky started 13 games and was taken #2 overall last night. Kaaya started his whole career and is likely a 3rd or 4th rounder.
Gators want Sit badly now that donkey teeth's first, second and third choices have said "Hellllll NO!"
My hope is that Perry wins the job this year and we redshirt Sitkowski and then he gets some time as a redshirt freshman and is ready to roll as a sophmore.
Gators want Sit badly now that donkey teeth's first, second and third choices have said "Hellllll NO!"

They are going to try to sell him on early playing time probably as a true freshman. Which, if he gets it, will ruin him. He's not ready to start as a freshman or even as a red shirt freshman.