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I'm taking a leave of absence from baseball


Feb 5, 2013
Yea this is a look at me thread. I have decided that this team is ruining my weekends right now and I just need a break from the frustration. I have watched every game live this year except 4 and I have attended two games ( I live in TN). But last weekend was the straw that broke the camels back for me.

The frustrating part is we are getting worse every week. We actually peaked in the first month of the season, and we were playing bad then.

Gino can't push the right buttons, our freshman pitching is turning into a disaster the longer the season goes, our hitting never woke up and it is all getting worse. That's why I need a break. I just can't commit 3 hours each day over the weekends and then being pissed off for the rest of the night when it seems like I care more than the players.

I am going to check the scores at the end of the day and hope for the best.

I am jumping back in for the ACC tournament (if we even make it) but maybe I am the bad luck. If the team goes on a run over the next few weeks I promise to stay away the rest of the year. They are 4-0 in the games I've not watched.

I’ve switched to Comcast just so I wouldn’t get THE ACCN.


Dec 12, 2012
Other than starting pitching, which we knew would be a question mark with the starting staff going pro, the biggest disappointment is Del Castillo and Toral, and to a lesser extent Lala. Even with the starting pitching woes, if those 3 did what they did in 2019..this team would have won at least 4 more games maybe more. That would put us in position to be leading the Coastal, and hosting. 31-11(19-10) is what that would put us.

Del Castillo was batting .293 with 3 HR's and 31 RBI's heading into this past weekend.

He hit .331 with 12 HR's, and 72 RBI's in 2019. That dropoff is astonishing.

Alex Toral is hitting .266 with 6 HR's and 25 RBI's. He hit .293/24 HR's/67 RBI's in 2019. That is mind blowing how much less productive he has been this year. Was he taking roids in 2019? Was he using a loaded bat? The dropoff is so signifigant it makes you think what was he doing in 2019?

Those 2 have to be 2 of the biggest disappointments in all of college baseball. If they mirrored 2019 or even came close, we would be much better with a much better season.


Nov 5, 2011
Those stat drop-offs are incredible. 😲 It's like they are different players this season from last season. This is even way beyond the typical regression we see from Canes players in every sport.