I missed the game, anything Bleak to report?


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Aug 28, 2012
If you're bitching and we're 4-1 something is wrong with you. No we're not on Clemson level just yet but you can tell players are being coached and they're attitude and body language is different than other years. This team is nothing like last years team. Yes we have room to improve nobody can deny that but there is so much talent on the team and about to join.

We're a few games from bowl eligibility and we have so many players like Harvey, Couch, Flagg just to name a few that are proving that they are developing. We as fans have to support them if not we're basically some hoe ass creeps.
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Remember me? Benny Blanco?
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Jan 12, 2014
The problem with YOU is you can't even enjoy a win because in your twisted perspective you think being happy after a win is somehow an acceptance of those flaws.
This is pretty much it with the extreme Mega Mopes and the fire Manny no matter what crowd. They think that if they recognize any progress or enjoy a win that they’re giving in and complicit in shameless Slurpery.


Jul 30, 2020
This!! We missed a couple of big plays because our WRs sucks. King wasn’t as sharp this game too but Pitt is a tough D.

Give Lashlee some weapons and a real offseason and he’ll do even more than he already is. If in 2 years, the offense ain’t stacked at skills positions, then criticize Lashlee but right now, he’s doing a good job with somebody else players!

This is why it’s important to know the context of @Liberty City El post. Don’t see what OC could come in here with what we have on offense and pull some sort of miracle

We aren’t LSU who has been stacking talent the past decade with multiple top 10 and top 5 recruiting classes where a guy like Brady can come in and make a complete 180.

TrumpyCane thinks people should use common sense when discussing this team.

We were a 6-7 team last year losing to the likes of Duke, FIU, and LA Tech and now beat Pitt comfortably, a team we barely beat last year. We have put up 30+ in 4/5 games this season. Last year? We put 30+ in 3/13 games and one of those games was Bethune Cookman


Nov 5, 2011
People bhitching about the OC are just retard Canes fans with very little understanding of what they're looking at during the game.

Lashlee is a very good play caller, the problem is, we have very very very mediocre WR's & an average OL.

He still creates explosive TD plays a hell of a lot more than our previous OC did, we just have issues in the vertical passing game because we don't have the WR's to catch the ball & King isn't a great Deep ball thrower.
Doesn’t stop our only pass play calls from being deep balls down the sideline, does it?
May 1, 2015
I never said I was okay with a mediocre program, but what exactly are you so upset about??

We're 4-1, not 0-5, you're complaining about nothing & acting like we lost the game. What would you like to fly a banner for because we didn't score more points today?

The Mopers are just whiny ass fans who aren't even really fans of Miami, they cry & bìtch about everything because they secretly are very happy about every time we lose, which is why when we win they get so bent out of shape.

Here's what's going to happen, we're going to keep playing the rest of the games on our schedule & anybody with half a brain will simply watch the games & judge them after they're over, if we lose the rest of the games on our schedule then you & the rest of whiny Mopes can have another Parade, but until we do, you guys would be better off complaining after a Loss, rather than a Win, it looks better that way.
He is not upset about anything, his ass was put out of here last year for this same type of bull shut. I have serious doubts this fool is actually a cane cane......here is to history repeating itself.