I am Sorry.


Apr 26, 2019
I'm sorry if I ranted last night, but;

But last night before I posted like a pariah myself.. I was belittled by, 4 people I thought at least respected me to be called adopted siblings. I'm sorry again

But I was born with a physical disability; with 1 hand. & I guess it took their addictions to take center fold. To basically make fun of me.. & of course I was alone, under a roof that my dad had owned. That I live in.. But I guess it took.. My younger brother / my mom's - mom / & dad. To gang up on me verbally. After all this time, they basically belittled me. When my dad had four children of his own with my mom. And the 4 bastards, I guess felt brave enough to laugh at someone with a disability; I was born with.

I'm sorry I over-reacted. But I thought they at the very least thought of me w/ respect, like I used to have for them.
Feb 7, 2013
OP here’s some real advice. Friendly advice. You should not think any of this is real, and don’t think anybody here is real.

Don’t take anything posted here to heart.

Just assume this is all pretend make-believe. just focus on the sports part and nothing else as far as this site.

Talk to real people, in person, and have real conversations


Feb 21, 2018

Just because this thread was random AF, I went back to see your episode from last night because I missed it. Nobody attacked you at all. You espoused your love for ST and someone responded with "Ray Lewis says hi" and you proceeded to lose your marbles. I didn't see anyone attack you or do anything mean at all. Their LACK OF responses seem to set you off. Then you make the wise decision of starting your own thread where you call everybody on here "f'ing losers". Did you think that would go over well?

Heed the advice above. You come across as someone genuinely grappling with some legit issues and sadness. CIS is not where you're gonna find support or clarity for your issues. Either take this place for what it is and talk football and shoot the sh-t and don't be too serious about it all, or do yourself a favor and just don't come here. Hopefully it can be the former instead of the latter, but you're off to one hella rocky start!