How Many Super Bowls Have You Watched and/or Attended?

listened to V on radio (local blackout) and seen nearly every one since

memorable games: V (Colts fan back then), XIII (Pitt-Dallas was a matchup of two great teams; not often you see two teams that good in the game), Giants stopping NE's perfect season
i listened to SB V on a handheld radio in a downtown Miami Burdines. Since the game did not sell out pre-72 hours you had to goto wpb to watch it.
Watched last year’s Bucs win over KC (I’m a Bucs fan). To be honest haven’t watched many of the prior dozen or so. Same with a lot of CFB. If it’s not a Canes game I’m not really interested.

Have never attended a SB.
Watched every single one from the time I actually knew what a football game or Super Bowl, was all about. So that would put me around 1980-81 on till the present day.
This, never attended one, but from this time, though since birth in ‘75 on my dad’s lap if you want to get techincal LOL first real memory and frustration that is etched in the deepest reaches of my Dolphins pain was Fins/Redskins. If Woodley would have just been average we beat them, Cefalo probably would have been MVP he was open all game and wouldn’t have had that nutjob Riggins story at all. Killer B’s had stifled them up until the 4th similar to Canes/Huskers ‘94
Watched every super bowl from 1986 to 1996. In the late 80’s to early 90’s, I watched every nfl game I could, I collected trading cards, I played every chance I could, I was an obsessed kid.

Lost interest somewhat in high school and beyond. I’ve seen about half the super bowls since ‘96 and maybe a handful of regular season games.

College is more fun imo

Got in to that when I attended the U.
Seen - Every Super Bowl since 1990
Attended - 1 (Eagles vs Patriots in Jacksonville)
I attended Eagles versus Patriots in Minnesota… bought the tickets when we thought the Jaguars might make it but ended up sitting with Eagles fans… still a great game watching Brady lose and the current Jags coach win in a close game.
13 Dallas vs Pitt Jackie Smith dropped a td right in his hands. Last super bowl played at the OB
23 Cincy vs SF Montana to Taylor
1994 season SF vs San Diego