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Great record or great team for 2021 ?


Assistant to the regional manager
Jul 30, 2017
The games we should be blowing teams out we need to. We had quite a few games we could have or should have lost last year. Next step is increasing the gap in most games and assume someone lesser will give you a hell of a run. Do that and we can consider being a good team


Jun 25, 2018
Winning is like riding a bike. First, figure out how to not fall, then figure out how to go faster and handle the basics before you start doing tricks and eating sh*t trying to get fancy.

Our focus should be to win the games that we are supposed to win against lesser talent, regardless of what happened the week before. Do not go into slumps after losing to a better team, but rebound the following week and take it out in your opponent. If we do this, the next step would be to challenge and win the games where we are underdogs (due to team advantage or home field advantage). Finally, as Tom Berenger (Jake Taylor) best put it in Major League (the original) “win the whole f*cking thing”!


The Total Package
Jul 18, 2017
We can't lose to UNC and feel good about the season period
I don't disagree. However, keep in mind there was a time when losing to Clemson was an embarrassment. Now theyre among the elite. I don't think U n c is as good as they looked last time we played them...but theyre not just a basketball school anymore. Theyve decided to take football seriously.