Glen Logan - LSU DT

Peter Ariz

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Jun 12, 2012
Remember him from last year's recruiting cycle? Was slated to visit, but cancelled last minute and signed with LSU.

He has not announced a transfer from LSU just yet, but I'm hearing that it is likely and Miami is right at the top of his list. He redshirted this year, but I've heard really good things about him as a player. This could be a nice addition because he would need to sit out next year, but would be ready to go for the 2018 season when the Canes will most likely lose multiple defensive tackles in the rotation.

Something to monitor, especially considering his former teammate George Brown, Jr. made the move last season.
Smh should have just slid to the U last January. Hope we get him
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Imagine if we get him and dude from Auburn or a Georgia transfer. That would be four SEC transfers to us in two years. Says a lot.
Awesome news would expect Miami to look for 1-2 transfers to sit out and be ready for 2018.
IIRC, they signed like four top 20 DTs last year. NO surprising one wants to transfer.
That would be a really nice addition for us, especially with our potential DT losses after 2017 like you mentioned.
I'm not defending this years class, but it's moves like this that keep me optimistic about the staff. It seems like they are aware of everything: while most of us have been clamoring for a second DT in this class, and not seeing one, it seems like this has been working itself out behind the scenes.

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Had a year of eating and training under Moffitt. Let LSU train em up and then come down to Gables.
Becoming the #1 destination for SEC transfers. Not a bad idea.


Potentially Logan, Truitt, the Georgia kids we heard about a couple months back...
I think we will see more elite D Linemen coming to Miami as long as Kool is the DL coach and Manuel is the DC. These kids see the unwavering violence that is going on in opposing backfields. If this front 7 D stays healthy next year...Oh lawd it may get very ugly for the opposing QB's.