FSU Series

BP Joe

Jan 25, 2013
This team is very good when they’re mentally locked in (first two games this series, last two against GT, and the openers in Chapel Hill and Gainesville), but once they lose focus the wheels quickly come off. They just don’t seem mature enough to handle success.

You would hope after this game that Zamora finally “gets it” defensively. He’s a talented fielder, but not a very good one. Nearing 100 D1 starts he may just be what he is though.
Yep; what could have been a great vs good weekend almost feels like a lost week, as we let a very average FSU team off the hook. Starting pitching was excellent, coupled w timely hitting and good D on Friday and Saturday had us all hoping we had turned the corner. The left side of our infield, manned by two of the sophomore leaders on the team, brought us back to earth and will most likely keep us from being elite. When your SS can't make routine plays in critical situations, why should we think he will all of a sudden clean it up in the post season.

The reality is we were 2 - 2 on the week in 4 home games.


Dec 27, 2014
A big time team sweeps the leg today, Miami spent the day booting the ball around the infield. Yes, winning the series is good, but sometimes you have to cash in on a weakened enemy. The lack of consistency from this team in executing the basics is a problem, and it goes back to a coaching staff that doesn't pay attention to detail. Not airmailing a routine ground ball isn't something that requires a ton of talent. Simply fielding a bunt doesn't require you to be the most talented guy on the field. That's just focus and execution, two things Miami struggles to do on a consistent basis. There's no reason why Miami can't boat race the rest of the schedule coming down the stretch, but no one expect Miami to do it. Why? Because a team that doesn't play consistent ball will find ways to lose to inferior teams.


Great Poster
Nov 4, 2011
UF Saturday
GT Friday
NCST Sunday
FSU Sunday

That's 4 games that we gave away. Clean up those blunders and we could finish top 5 in the ACC.