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Lots of people leaving that sinking ship. Gru Ferman has lost any contacts he ever had and is late to every story. He knows he has a problem on his hands and it has made him paranoid. That site will never see another penny from me.
Ferman is garbage, never again will I rely on him to break anything
Lots of people left that **** hole years ago. Not sure how you guys stuck around and read that drivel all those years.

Most of us stuck around because we have friends that we go to games with and hangout with from the site. Not any more. About 12 of us gave him the finger last night. Adios
I left when the Yahoo news story broke and Ferman the Vermin turned on the Canes.
Canesport **** the bed so badly on the Jerry Jeudy situation and Gru got exposed as a know nothing hack. I have lurked here for some time. If there is a big story I come here for the information, always have. There were a lot of good guys on that site any a bunch came over here. I won't go back.
Just a bunch of guys postin how much Gary sucks, his podcast sucks, And how out of touch he was with hurricane football. About a dozen guys got banned, and we did it on purpose. Fun night. Gary was deleting posts and threads rapidfire.
An example of a thread from last night on canesport:

Go *** yourself Gru Ferman. You're a fing tool. This site blows like you.
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Aug 12, 2008
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NewBoring *** articles, your late to break any news, ex Judy non coverage. It makes sense, these players know you're a fing tool and won't give your pathetic *** anything real. You suck all the troll taints and toss their salad while you ban solid posters.

Please learn how to do a fing podcast you fing idiot. That show is for special people and crack heads. Your sight isn't worth 2 bucks a month. It's penny stock content. You should be ashamed of yourself charging $10 a month with zero value of content.

Your the Al Golden of this industry you tool bag. Don't email me begging to come back like usual. Do yourself a favor and fire yourself and let Matt drive this double wide trailer. Peace out Gru. Fing tool.

Peace out my hpi brothers. Going to miss you all. Had some good times here but Gru can *** up a cup of coffee and knows how to drive a site into the toilet. That's what happens when you have **** for brains


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