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Evaluations need to improve


Nov 7, 2011
I saw a list that tells me if the big boys (top dog recruits) in South Florida were to put there foot down and say thats it lets all go to Miami and bring it back it would be end of story. If Leonard Taylor hits up these top 2022 De and the 2 stud Dt and says fellas lets do this ****. I need you fam I think that Maes a huge impression on them. We have put together a dam good coaching staff right now and I think that starts to pay off big time with these dudes who have been snubbing us.
They think that as sophomores in HS but money can change a families mind


Nov 6, 2011
Add Wiggins to that list.

I was asking how in the world a high school team (Southridge) could have two major prospects like that on their team and they weren't producing gaudy numbers. It's one thing to be a star receiver, but if you've got another and aren't lighting up the scoreboard offensively there's a problem. Better really evaluate those receivers, something isn't right.
I recall a lot of talk about Southridge having qb issues. Regardless, that lack of production was a huge red flag with both of those two. They should have been able to make way more plays that they did if they were Miami level.


Redshirt Freshman
Nov 3, 2011
Has Heritage always produced like this? They’re like half the list.
No it's a phenomenon of the past 10 years or so..I used to play them in high school. They were another private school program (a good one) but teams like Palmer and Ransom and Florida Christian were competitive with them and in the same district. They sure as hell weren't rivals with MNW and STA and playing on ESPN.