ESPN article on Miami's Defense

ESPN has the worst staff. There's no depth or detail to that article at all.
Too bad AQM and Jermaine Grace wanted to be dumbasses, they could've made what was a very good defense great.
****es me off that Dono had this same talent and didn't know what to do with it...

****es me off that we tried to tell half these dumb azzez on the board and they insisted on bashing the players.

i knew it was the staff. if you dont believe why should those kids believe. shannon had a better defense than we have now, but, he did not believe, got scared and out coached in gainsville. same with golden staff bend not break foolishness no confident in the players thats why they went to nfl and started balling, why? because talent was utilize the right way.
Take that front 7 plus Quan, Young and Redwine ... then add Garvin, DJ Johnson, Dean, Carter, Bandy, possibly Henderson and Edwards. Add in larger crowds and the noise factor at the new Sunlife. Opposing QBs are going to need to bring their Depends.
Can you imagine how Golden would've ruined Jackson if he was still our coach? My god.

Call me crazy but I feel like we have A LOT of NFL guys on this defense, particularly on the front-7. Some of them might even be early picks. Jackson's a 1st rounder IMO, barring any major injuries. Kid just racked up 8.5 sacks while sharing reps.
AG and dorito should not be allowed near any football facility at any level...pee wee through NFL
I'm no expert but didn't we lose our entire starting secondary, which ran a lot of nickel? The article says we return 9 starters...
The whole off-season gonna be unbearable....Quarterman, Joe jac, Pinckney giving them lil quotes here and there making you run through walls...then McCloud just standing in a dark background looking evil as ever.
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