Dorsey to TN?

I thought he was going to be the next big OC in the NFL
That would suck if true.

Richt needs to make him co-OC/QB coach and demote Johnny Boy to support staff.
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I read it's a possible co OC job that would be split between him and Scott
I think Dorsey is too smart to take that job. Butch Jones is getting fired this year.
I hate ***** Jones. He's a real POS. Same goes for Larry Scott. Ken will do some due diligence and say no thanks.

Go Canes!
Butch still has a year or two. They won their bowl. We need to relax the sinking ship talk and concentrate on getting our own team back. While we are at it Fl. Is not a dumpster fire. School is very happy wit their coach and they sre recruiting well. For what it's worth these are two of my least favorite teams.
That would suck.. Fvck Tennessee.. I don’t blame Ken from getting away from that erratic, crybaby Cam Newton though.. Worst completion % in the league this year.. Bum
Link to article
Vols Football: Offensive Coordinator Search Update

Vols Football: Offensive Coordinator Search Updates

Butch Jones and the Tennessee Vols are still in search of an offensive coordinator to replace Mike DeBord.

According to a report from 247Sports, former Heisman winning quarterback Chris Weinke has been in Knoxville to interview with Butch Jones.

Weinke is currently the quarterbacks coach with the Los Angeles Rams, though that will probably change with a new coach on the way to LA.

Jones is reportedly interested in both Weinke and Ken Dorsey. If one of them is hired, they would obviously coach quarterbacks, and possibly be part of a co-offensive coordinator situation at Tennessee.

Weinke and Dorsey both have limited coaching experience. Though they worked together at IMG academy.

Dorsey has been the Carolina Panthers’ quarterbacks coach since 2013. Weinke has been with the Rams since 2015.

Neither of them appear anywhere close to a job promotion in the NFL.

But I do think either of them would be a fine choice to work with quarterbacks. Especially given their previous work with former NFL MVP Cam Newton.

If either Dorsey or Weinke are hired, it would likely come with the title of co-offensive coordinator. But I think that would be mostly in title only.

I’m still leaning toward Vols tight end coach Larry Scott landing the offensive coordinator position. It wouldn’t be a flashy hire, but I think it would be a solid hire.

Scott may end up sharing the offensive coordinator title with someone else, but I think he’ll be the primary play caller next season.

It’s also rumored that Utah State assistant head coach Mike Canales will be interviewing. That seems like an uninspiring candidate.

For now, it looks like a combination of Scott with Dorsey or Weinke is still the best bet.
Jon Richts could moved to a Offensive Analyst position and Dorsey could be Co-Oc\QB Coach. It's a demotion yes but he is a glorified six figure Grad Assistant.

Coach needs help running the offense and unfortunately he has surrounded himself with yes men, that can't offer any help with his play design or calling. Especially with new QB's to develop coach Richt needs to make that move.

Go Canes
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Dorsey was a rising star with Cam Newton's 2015 performance. 2016? Maybe not so much.

I am not bashing Dorsey. I think he's started what will be a long, successful career. If he considers leaving Carolina for the Vols he must think another poor year by the Panthers will result in a house cleaning.
I like Dorsey, but he's shown nothing that makes him a good OC.

Cam Newton's regression this year from '15 only makes him more of an enigma.
Cam played like a scared lil ... Also, you can’t coach accuracy and Cam has never been accurate... *** Cam and *** the panthers
Cam played like a scared lil ... Also, you can’t coach accuracy and Cam has never been accurate... *** Cam and *** the panthers