Do you want to win the coastal and Play Clemson?

Do you want to play Clemson?

  • Yes

    Votes: 192 86.9%
  • No

    Votes: 29 13.1%

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E's before W's
Nov 3, 2015

“ Perhaps the most realistic scenario would be Pittsburgh beating North Carolina and Virginia Tech, and Virginia Tech losing to Wake Forest but beating Virginia. That would tick all the boxes and seems realistic. If that were to happen and the Canes beat Louisville and Duke, they win a 3-team tiebreaker over Pitt and Virginia. You want a cold does of reality? There is a 0.496% chance of that "realistic" scenario happening according to ESPN's FPI.”

/ It was over after GT

// we need to win out and beat the **** out of whatever big12 or sec we get matched up against. That’s the most realistic scenario
It’s pretty much over but I’ll never underestimate the corstals ability to corstal


Nov 3, 2011
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Jul 11, 2013
What a Beta thread!

Who in tf wouldn’t want to win their division?? It’s called building blocks, even if we get throttled by Clemson.
Doesn't work like that at miami. They get smacked by clemson and it will get held against them.
Aug 25, 2019
yeah, if this scenario plays out then we won out and are on a hot streak. thinking playing the best is how you become the best. We would probably lose but would be a good measuring stick for where we are. Who knows maybe we could go out there and shock the world then that would be massive for the program and recruiting. Cant be afraid to play anyone if we want back to where we belong.


Jan 23, 2015
I think our mindset is getting more defined and can withstand the roller-coaster of a big game , also with us running the table they would know things are a little different now and when we cut them they do bleed.

Hell yeah why not take a shot , but surly next year we'll jump in there SHHH.


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Mar 23, 2013
I personally say no. No need for a beat down. Would rather finish the season on a high note and get ready for next season.

What are your thoughts
Any "championship" is a good thing for recruiting. Having to prepare for Clemson would also be a good test for this staff and for this team. It will teach the younger ones how to compete and will give these Seniors another game. All of this is good enough reason to win the Coastal and face off against the champs.

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Sep 12, 2017

Need to start getting to those games before you start winning them.

Clemson took their lumps on the way. Won the ACC years back; smoked by West Virginia, 70-33 in the Orange Bowl. Backslid next few years and Florida State won the ACC three years in a row before Clemson got back on top.

Got to a national title game and lost before they got back there and won.

Miami needs to start sniffing the main stage again before it's going to win on it.

Hope the 37 things that need to fall into place—starting with winning out—as I'd love to see a team that was 3-4 scrapping back to 8-4 and winning the Coastal.

Who wouldn't want that?

NE Canes

Sep 18, 2014
People can say things like don't be scared blah blah blah. I care about what is best for the program and it is much better to end the season in a 5 game winning streak and go into off season on a very high note. People gotta remember the early signing period in december and we dont want the last thing recruits see is us getting our head pounded in by Clemson 42-28 ( as i think that is what it would be ) and we want momentum going into the offseason. So No . Hell no.

What I want is to win out . We don't do that playing Clemson though they aren't what they have been they still are much better then us.
It would be better for the program to play in a championship game, win or lose.