Rumor Coach O new LB Coach?

I saw it on the Twitterverse as well. It was meant as a joke. Aside from that,his specialty is DL and allegedly he’s banned from UM.
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It has been forever, but I think he coached LB's once for a season at a small school. I think it was volunteering to rehabilitate his career after being let go by Miami and I think charges were dropped after serving something. I will guess Ed retires, but who knows.
For whatever reason I've always liked it when he ended his interviews with "Go Tigers." (and I'm not even an LSU fan)
You must be the guy who asked this on Facebook.

Lucky I'm in Facebook jail.
No, dimwit.

And tbh,I think you're throwing names at a wall and seeing what others say.
Show the force of this self proclaimed rumor or take your *** back to that official hurricanes Facebook group and go back to circle jerking each other.
He’s the new head coach,Mario is his assistant.

Geaux Canes

Lol..Mario's really outdone himself with these coaching searches, even finding his own replacement! Looking forward to Lose-iana Ed's press conferences - we'll need a translator or none of us will know what the ****'s going on. Geaux 'Canes!