Chad thomas


Dec 4, 2011
I don't want to hear no more slander of him and or people saying he hasn't lived to his expectation. The light has come on for him. He balled tonight.... that offensive line was rated top 5 in the country by pff and we straight whipped them. Chad and joe jack and the rest were in the backfield all night long. Very encouraging
Agreed if he played like that every game but he doesn't. He's never gonna be dominant off the edge like Jackson but he should make a good LE in the NFL some day if he stays consistent.
The light was never turned off. He just had coaches who had no idea WTF they were doing for his first 2 years.
Hasn't exactly been the Chad Thomas show this year. Good game, ya. I'll give him props when he puts together a solid consistent season
He's played all season with a broken hand & still lead the team in TFL's...

He's one of the top leaders of the Defense & has been nothing but a loyal dedicated Hurricane...

He's Liberty City family & I don't understand why cats always tryna nitpick at him, like he ain't a **** savage!

The best Run Defender on the line & great overall rusher, he disrupts the pass game routinely... I just wish he had Coach Diaz & Kool his first two years here.

Coming back for his Senior season too, he gon' EAT!
if this game is an indication of what we'll see his senior season.....we up.
Chad ended up the season with about 14.5 tfl a couple forced fumbles 5.5 sacks to name a few statistics which is very good. Joe jackson is just a monster I agree
Play that piano and talk yo smack Chad

Excellent game tonight. He was locked in and you could tell. We get a full season of that and good Lawd for opposing lines. I know he's starting to smell that money
Chad has been a beast all year. He is more of an inside pass rusher. He and Jackson are different. He's great in run defense. I think next year he will be straight up nasty
The light was never turned off. He just had coaches who had no idea WTF they were doing for his first 2 years.

Thank you baby Jesus for Manny Diaz and the rest of the new coaching staff that let these kids play to their strengths and just attack.
Amazing what happens when the o-line can't key on one guy AND no more read and react.