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Canesville regional info thread....


Jan 30, 2012
I'll take a .292/.900 OPS guy in the 5 hole, his season was actually fairly solid, and he can just DH. Not like we have seen anything from Thomas/Born or anyone to put them up there. We also get Gates back so maybe he can bat 5 and Gil 6. But Gil is not nearly as bad as this board makes out IMO.
Yeah I guess in my mind I'm hoping a couple guys that didn't get much PT this season emerge and take jobs away from underachievers. But that's unlikely given the player development we've seen so far in the Gino regime


Redshirt Freshman
Apr 27, 2017
And isn't an even bigger problem/concern the reason that happened, i.e. was that class over-rated or are we not capable of developing these position players? I know it was a pitcher heavy class but what happened to Lugo and Valdez from that class btw, I can't recall?
Labrador left after last year, Valdez got cut this fall, Hall and Bradbury got booted in the Eskew debacle, and of course now Thomas has portaled. There were definite talent (and apparently personality) evaluation related issues. It was pitching heavy but even on the pitching side, Carmona never showed anything and Jason Diaz had the worst fall for a highly regarded signee I can remember.

Just noticed PG had Palm and Garland as our lowest rated pitchers, and yet here they still are.


Dec 11, 2012
If Vilar, Gil, Toral, ADC, Jenkins and CDC all leave and these portals of Lala, Thomas and Born go through I honestly don't know what 9 position players we field.

Gates need to scrap pitching and fins a position and get in the cage, I like his bat