2023 Caleb LaVallee, 3 star LB offered


All American
Feb 3, 2018

Junior Year (10 Games) 118 tackles (75 solo) 6 sacks 16 TFL’s 1 fumble recovery 1 forced fumble 1 interception
Offensively 104 carries for 695 yards 11 Rushing TD’s 8 receptions for 90 yds 1 Receiving TD

Kevin Steele's first LB offer since he joined the staff
These are the types of guys. I am always talking about. Highly skilled football player with good athleticism. These are the floor guys we should recruit while we chase the 5/ high 4 star players.

You recruit and get as many blue chips as possible, but everybody wants them. These guys allow you to build depth from the bottom up. Make sure they are highly productive, skilled and decent or better athletes. They complement blue chip players well and can become quality starters over time. These are the type 3 stars that make the league and have people asking how we missed them.

Identify three guys like this at every position and make them feel wanted early. You will have to cut some out at signing day if you hit on better prospects. That’s ok. Allow the m to keep their recruitments open and take their visits. If there is no room, they will still have a team to go to.

The relationship is the most important thing. Treat them like higher rated guys and keep communicating. @CoachMacho has told us many horror stories of how the personalities of previous staffs turned kids off from our program. Get this right and kids won’t mind waiting until signing day to know if they have a spot. They will want to be here and bonds are already established.

If we process them out, that just means we got a better player. It won’t hurt perception of us that the played “flipped”.
I like his film & I like what’s transpired since 2022.

Since 2022, this young man has received 8 P5 offers, including 5 since the month of February. He’s trending up, and I would assume w/ him attending some offseason camps, showcasing his abilities, he’ll climb up the rankings.
good football player, looks smaller (doesn't look 6'1" to me) and slower (guessing he is a high 4's guy) than what I would hope we sign in the new era. Solid backup plan but I hope there are bigger fish in front of him.
Northwestern has had some good LB evals over the years, especially considering the talent level they usually recruit at.

Would like to have seen a bit more, need a verified size on him because if he is 6’1 that allows for some room to fill out. Playing offense and defense is a good sign, always like to see that.

All in all he’s a Plan C kid, he could explode next season considering his trajectory rn.

Didnt watch all the tape but didnt need to. A few things that stand is he reads the play really fast so we know hes obviously got great football instincts. He also makes a ton of solo tackles so he gets guys to the ground. last thing is he chases everyone down and the few clips of him running the ball hes running away from everyone. He clearly plays faster then his 40 time may suggest.
pass just about every eye test on a highlight tape imo.....I see kids like him at small town schools have surprise game speed and athleticism at the next level...
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Kid looks like a player. Get him up up to 230 lbs which should not be difficult at all,and he will be a problem. I hope we go after him hard. Film shows the kind of playmaker that we have been missing at MLB for years.
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