Brown visiting McFarland today


Cane til I Die
Aug 10, 2012
i know it's a new thread, but the other is chopped and screwed

canesports guy has been pretty solid lately mshoddell
Yeah, Matt just posted this:

now expected to happen today per Anthony Sr. just now, great news for Canes - he can get in there and make closing arguments
Good. This visit was always scheduled. I think that the initial report by Canesport was probably less likely to be true. Go close up shop TB
I take everything from that site with a grain of salt. Need more confirmation first

i agree but the guy has been good lately

pete has forced other sites to step the game up, mshodell and ivins have really gain credibility
I take everything from that site with a grain of salt. Need more confirmation first

I get it but all the info this morning has been coming from McFarland's father. Just earlier today, his father told them that they weren't sure that they would have any more coaches coming and now that changed an hour later with brown agreeing to let him come by for a visit.
If this is legit, this is great news. Can't let McFarland slip through our fingers.
After the relationship that has been built with the Mcfarland family by Thomas they could not just close the door on him...Brown has treated and shown them respect and this is respect back. Maybe they tell him what direction theyre headed.

We'll get a better understanding today as to what happens. If RB's suddenly start getting offers at the 11th hour then you know...

If not then I think we have him.

I think Brown can and will seal the deal. Even after AntMac injury we still made him a priority all the way from Miami....
Here's what Thomas needs to focus on today....remind him we only have one proven productive back returning immediate playing time is available........"The Terps certainly aren’t hurting at tailback with Lorenzo Harrison and Ty Johnson in the fold together for the next two seasons. Harrison has three years of eligibility remaining with the program."
I get the feeling McFarland has already come to his senses after the emotional night he had and we will ultimatley win this one.
i really hope he's not using the dumb logic he's being fed of demtha beat central so we can all get together in college and beat florida teams and be a national player