Brevin Jordan Mackey Semi Finalist


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Jan 12, 2014
That's why I said "ALL AMERICAN! He could potentially be the greatest TE in The U's history when its' all said and done!! It is therefore premature to say that he's the TE GOAT for The U.
I contemplated revenge downvoting you... but I let it slide bc I’m only a little petty. Why you so mad doe? Lol
Nov 14, 2019
The fact that Brevin only has 2 TDs this season looks weird.
Yeah, I thought the same thing but anyone paying attention already knows why. sh1t, Jordan has half his TDs for the season and his best game of the year against VT. Who was the QB for most of that game, though... you already know. But these bottom bxtches wanna get all excited about a few racks on a video or him dogging Baxa's girl... if you didn't want your girl getting stepped to don't bring her around no real Gs.

Still, props to Brevin for doing his things throughout the season, regardless of who his lame OC puts in at QB1 or how many times coach asks him to stay in and block on the line. Gotta respect that young cat for putting it on this season with no lip. But if he didn't have to always be blocking to save his OL, and if he had the right QB1, he'd have another 300 yeards and at least 3 more TDs easy.


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Jul 25, 2013
Not really, he does not block, he's a tight end in name only. He's a big receiver. Don't get me wrong his numbers look good. But Brevin is a more complete player.
That's erroneous. We aren't comparing him to Jordan. Is he one of the best TE's in the nation? I think so. If they are considering him a WR, fine.. but they should at least let him know that IMO.