Big game at home Wednesday 2/2 against Notre Dame

I was thinking about this game last night. It is a huge game because we are first in the ACC and ND is third.

If we lose to them we go from 1st to 3rd in the eyes of the ACC tournament standings. We really need to be in that top 4.

So a win would give us the tie breaker over every team in the top 5. That would be huge. Plus, it’s a home game. We need to hold serve.
Haven’t watched ND at all this year. What kind of team we facing tonight? I assume it’s the typical Mike Brey style team. If that’s the case I like the matchup a lot
Sam already shy about trying an open shot, hope that changes soon
(teams seem to sense this and it frees up guys for the double teaming of our top scorers)
Charlie not so shy, and not so accurate yet
Down 7-4, started ok but looking sad now

updt: announcers on Sam now for missing "easiest shot of the year" and as a result it goes to 10-4
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