Banda popin’ off at the Fan Base


Apr 7, 2017
He still played him when he wasn't ready and lost us games so I'd appreciate Banda shutting the **** up
Seriously like wasn’t he the same guy that got beat consistently and would continue to play over more talented players.

Are fans not supposed to be critical of the player and the coach that continued to put him on the field even though he repeatedly got beat?

Go coach at Ped State if you want your butt kissed! And good for Knowles for getting better and ignoring us.


Sep 11, 2016
Robert Knowles has 27 total tackles for the season... to compare Gurvan Hall has 28 solo tackles and 52 total tackles.

Like I said Knowles gets the most credit, praise from coRches and multiple threads on CIS, for doing the bare minimum.

I’m pretty sure Derrick Smith would’ve had a much bigger impact playing the same role
Jun 19, 2013
I take issue w the use of the word haters here bc it makes it seem as if the criticisms against Knowles were misguided and/or wrong.

I've eaten my crow about the kid THIS season (so far). Hes played well. But anyone acting as if he wasnt a liability in previous seasons is being disingenuous.

They're appropriately roasting Banda in the comments.
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Dec 27, 2014
Banda is trash, a glorified grad assistant. Like I told him on Twitter, no one in their right mind was rooting against #20. The young man is a fighter, and has done a damn good job of growing and becoming a good role player. That said, a well managed position group wouldn't be leaning on that guy as much as Miami does. Banda doesn't recruit his position worth a damn, misses regularly, and isn't a strong evaluator. Maybe, not just maybe Banda should spend more time doing his job, less time whining like a little girl on social media.

The entire #DontBeAFanLater crap is for easily triggered children, there's a difference between legit criticism and hating. People had legit criticisms about #20 throughout his career, why shouldn't they be stated? Then again, when you are so mentally weak, you feel the need to complain about that on social media, AS A GROWN MAN, it's proof that you have no future as a coach. Think Corey Raymond is whining about that? Exactly.


Nov 5, 2011
I read a lot of criticism about Banda on these boards, lame cracks about bartending.

For my money, hall, bolden & knowles have progressed more than any other unit over the course of this season. 15 & 94/97 is still the best unit we have, but the safetys aren’t far behind.

This after JJ and Redwine. Banda is good in my book.
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