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After the Storm: FIU

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Jun 17, 2012
I said in another thread is that I believe the the loss to FIU will speed up the timeline on Diaz. He will face more pressure next year to not only win, but to win big. He's going to have to win 10 games and win the Coastal. Anything less will be more mediocrity because the 2020 schedule isn't much different from the 2019 schedule. The toughest game in 2020 will be at VT. UVA and Wake Forrest both will be graduating senior QBs and I would expect down years for both. Michigan State is a wild card as they are all over the map similar to us.

Oh, by the way, we play Temple at home week 1. Lose that game and Diaz should be fired the next day!!!! How bad would it be losing to the school that the administration shelled out $4 million dollars to bring you back?
Wouldn't be surprised if we lose that game. They'll be as motivated to play us as FIU was. They'll give 100% thats for sure.


Jun 15, 2015
these coaches need to stop being buddies to the players and need to start being coaches : Can't even blame Enos there were folks opened all day long : QB needs to read something instead of being a robot and throwing into double and Triple coverage : This is on Jarren and our so called D.C.