(4)Miami vs. (1)Duke 7PM EST ESPN ACC Tournament Semifinals


Jan 12, 2021
Huge game tonight for Canes Hoops. We beat Duke 76-74 at Cameron Indoor in our only matchup this season. A victory against Duke will be a Quad 1 victory, and could move us up a lot higher in the seeding for the NCAA tournament. #10 seed is where we fall right now according to most projections, but a win against Duke and a win in the Finals would be 2 huge Quad 1 wins that could move us up drastically.

If we lose tonight, we're still pretty much guaranteed a spot in the tourney, but we'd be a 10 or 11 seed, probably. ESPN has us in the Last 4 Byes today, which is different from yesterday. Our NET ranking is currently 63 dropping 2 spots from 61 after the BC win which was considered a Quad 3 win. Our record when broken down is 5-1 Quad 1, 4-5 Quad 2, 9-3 Quad 3, and 5-0 Quad 4.

Duke barely beat Syracuse, who was without their First-Team All-ACC G Buddy Boeheim. We can win tonight if we bring our A game, and avoid getting ourselves into a hole. This team has made some incredible comebacks this season from large deficits, but I hope we don't get into that type of situation tonight against Duke.

Duke is -9 and the O/U is 148. The game will be played on a neutral site at the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn, New York, where the entire ACC tournament will be held this year. I added this screenshot from teamrankings.com to give everyone an idea about Miami's bracketology projections.

Go Canes!
2 hours ago I saw Lunardi on ESPN live....Canes are in according to him
He specifically said that there are only 2 slots open that are occupied by Wake Forest and Xavier... with 5 bubble teams trying to get those 2 spots.

It was 3 slots but Indiana winning today put them in.

Canes are good
Sad that anybody could question it…regardless, I don’t want them to go into the tourney off of that performance yesterday. Hope we play like our tournament lives depend on it today.
A lot about this team has defied logic. Losing home games we should win. Winning road games we should probably lose. Two 18 point comebacks against Cuse. BC set up great for us to win by double digits, we squeak it out in OT. So with most every expert picking Duke to win comfortably tonight I’m gonna say the Canes bring a great effort and it’s one possession game late.
Gotta clean up the rebounding, but that's expected with the lack of size. Just gotta out score them and get em out of rhythm