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2023 2023 CB Daylen Austin receives offer

Liberty City El

May 14, 2016

6’1 180lbs 4-star CB out of Long Beach CA, goes to powerhouse school Long Beach Poly Tech.

Finished his Junior year with 44tcks 11PD’s 2INT’s 1.5TFL’s 1FF & 2TD’s, plus 437yds as the primary Kick/Punt Returner.

A talented two-way player started out as a WR & played CB for the first time this season & excelled. Is an incredibly lengthy natural athlete with terrific range covering large stretches of field with his long stride running gait. He’s a silky mover with good hip fluidity & is a pure athletic playmaker with high upside.

@2:15 on his tape displayed good reactionary ability on the defending the quick slant, he immediately reshuffled his feet out of his stance on inside release & read the QB eyes while playing upfield to WR’s inside shoulder, he cut off the route & used his great arm length to reach in & get the nice PBU. It’s short & quick route, but not as easy to defend as people might think, it takes good play recognition & quick reaction to get your hands in & fight through the ball. @2:35 similar play defending the quick slant vs inside release, played to the outside shoulder, read the route & used his arm length to go over top & get the breakup. @2:55 showed very good turn & face in phase vs the fade route & used his physicality to slow down & disrupt the rhythm of the WR’s route

He’s a big physical CB with prototype arm length, he excels in short area-to intermediate route coverage. He’s a raw athlete, with high upside, has good not great speed, looks within the 4.5 range by eye test & his track numbers reflect that, however due to his long stride running style he covers lots of ground & can be an effective big bodied Boundary corner, plays better in off coverage than in press man at this stage in his development, but the tools are there, remember, this is his first season playing CB.

Long Beach Poly is a program that has produced some talented football players:

- DeSean Jackson
- JuJu Smith-Schuster
- Jurrell Casey
- Iman Marshall
- Terrence Austin (his uncle)

And several more.

AZ ST’s DC & Recruiting Coordinator Antonio Pierce who has been a recruiting dynamo on the West Coast was also former HC at LBC Poly for 4 years, so they’re a team to watch in this recruitment.

USC as well because Donte Williams is one of the best CB’s recruiters in the country & he owns the west coast when it comes to landing high caliber CB’s.

Holds offers from Bama, UGA, USC, Texas, Notre Dame, AZ ST, Michigan, Mich ST, Utah Oregon, Washington & Wazzu.