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2021 Spring - Final Thoughts

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Aug 24, 2013
It shocks me how many just guys or worse we have at linebacker.

With the glut of talent we have at safety and striker, I'd be moving another guy down to linebacker. Everyone else is just a role player or special teamer. Keontra and like Gil Frierson, Amari Carter or Chase Smith should move in and slot in at linebacker. If you told me to move both Gil and Carter to linebacker, I'd probably support the move. You've got a couple pieces that can help here n there...Flagg on obvious inside run downs...Steed to just give guys a breather...but I'm shocked how little playable talent we have at linebacker right now. Lots of small guys, too. This isn't 1985, man....you need some size with the athleticism there. Average NFL Linebacker size is 6'1 and lots of change and like 240 pounds with speed. College average is like 6'1" and a lot less change and like 225. We have a lot of guys that are below average for college size at linebacker. Crazy stuff.

I believe me and @gogeta4 have pounded the table for years about linebacker targets for Miami. Many are very weird evals and it seems its an afterthought position for Manny and his defense. Most of the players he recruits have highlight film where they are all really just coming down hill, between the tackles that blitz from a few spots on the field, but as HS recruits, do not showcase anywhere near a complete toolbox and don't often look like modern linebackers physically (obv) or from a play standpoint (many guys that showcase good coverage skills in their highlight tape are players we simply punt or keep at a low priority. Its weird...I just don't think Manny cares about linebacker play and doesn't know what a good modern linebacker is. We have just a bunch of guys.