2018 QB Joe Milton receives offer


May 14, 2016


Joe Milton, Olympia, Dual-Threat Quarterback

Big 6'5 210lbs Junior out of Olympia (same school as Jeff James)... Dual sport athlete that plays both Football & Basketball.

Has a nice strong arm, finished his Junior year with 1,543yds 17TD's & 7INT's
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He unofficially visited Miami for a few games last season...

I've kept on his recruitment since his Sophomore year, personally I was unsure that he would ever get an offer, but I'm glad he did.

Heard that he impressed at both NC State & USF's camps last year.
Anyone know who our main targets are at qb and reciever? I know it early and that there will be changes to the list but I had a chat with a friend of mine and wanted to see if there's any legitimacy to what I was told.
The state of Florida produces so many quality QBs nowadays compared to decades ago when there really weren't too many to choose from.

Great size on this QB. Good to see a Florida QB on the board to go with the national guys....
Also, I'm really impressed with the fact he's already taking 5-step drops from under Center as a Junior.

Has a very solid release & terrific arm strength.
on one play, the pocket collapsed and he still throw it on the money, lowkey balla.
Echoes of Randall Cunningham. Tall, long legged, athletic with an over the top throwing motion delivering a high arc long ball.

It will fun to watch his development.
Is it me or is this jit just deadly accurate. Always throws the ball to where the wr is supposed to be. TAKE.