2018 Miami Legacy talks Canes


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Sep 5, 2014
Davenport FL - Some of the nation’s top underclassmen were on hand in Orlando last week at the Adidas East Invitational. One player that stood out was 2018 Miami Legacy Al Blades Jr. He sat down with CanesInSight.com to give the latest with his recruitment and 7v7 football

“We’re really just trying to come together as a unit.” said Blades (who plays for South Florida Express) ‘We have tons of talented players, now we just have to come together and ball out.”

Blades has been a hot commodity in the recruiting world since his 8th grade year. What schools are recruiting the one time Miami commit the hardest?

“Probably Ohio St. and Miami.” Blades said “Alabama isn’t far behind.”

While Blades claims he has no leaders, there’s one team that continues to stand out among the rest — The Miami Hurricanes

“It’s a family feeling,” said Blades “The atmosphere there is like nothing else, the relationship I have with the fanbase and the coaches is the best.”

Blades will be at Miami’s Junior Day this week.
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Blades needs to stop ******* around.

Everyone knows he is going to Miami.

Stop the b****** games and commit.
Blades needs to stop ****ing around.

Everyone knows he is going to Miami.

Stop the b****** games and commit.
Why does it matter when he commits? He's actively recruiting for the canes... they KNOW he's coming
He so funny. All cane. His dad would come back from the grave and beat his **** if he didn't become a cane. Next.
I agree everyone knows he coming to UM, but it would be nice to have public and further solidify the fact this class could be the one that throws us into the elite.
Not that we are in panic mode, but there's a big difference between knowing he'll end up a cane and giving interviews as above, as opposed to what Lingard is doing... This class needs to change the thought process and culture of canes recruiting for here on out... Be loud and proud... Jump on the train or get run over... etc.... these are elite enough kids coming together would sway the reputation we've had..
Come on JR. Let's get this... unless of course you putting in some super spy stuff for Richt. Then we good for a little while longer.
We all know he's a cane! End of story! ..but if he holds out till march 20th,....all is understood!!
I personally hope Al continues to troll the sh*t out of the Biitcheyes. Let them continue to use their resources on him. At the end of the day everyone with common sense knows he will be wearing #7 for us in The Rock in no time..