2018 Miami commit Lorenzo Lingard talks Miami commitment

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Sep 5, 2014
Davenport FL - 2018 Miami commit Lorenzo lingered recently committed to Miami earlier this month. He sat down with CanesInSight Sunday, and broke down the reasons for his commitment.

“It was really the contact.” said Lingard “Coach Richt said it best, ‘Recruiting is a 2-4 year process,’ and he’s right. They’ve been recruiting me since I was in 8th grade so that was big for me.”

“Also Miami is just home, I wanted to do it earlier but i waited,” said Lingard “In Miami there’s so many connections outside of football with business and companies, so that was a major part for me as well.”

One hour after Lorenzo committed, his cousin 2020 DB Avantae Williams committed to Miami; the two haven’t played together since little league.

“It’s nothing but family love,” Lingard said. “It’s going to be a whole lot of fun with the guys we have committed and the guys we’re trying to get committed… We’re going to have some fun.”

DeeJay Dallas was “The Ambassador” of the 2017 class, but he’s already given the reigns to one particular five star running back.

“I have a great personality, so i can talk to anybody,” Lingard said. “DeeJay Dallas reached out to me and told me about it, but I was going to recruit guys to Miami anyway so i love honestly.”

Miami currently has the #3 ranked recruiting class; how excited is Miami’s top commit?

“Yesterday I quoted a retweet and messed up, so that shows you how excited I am about this recruiting class,” Lingard said. “It’s going to be fun to play with these savages, and it’s awesome because I’m a track guy and most of the class runs track so thats a plus.”

But just because the recruiting class is off to a hot start, doesn’t mean “The Ambassador” is going to stop recruiting.

“I’m going after a lot of guys actually,” said Lingard “But [specifically] Al Blades, Mark Pope, Brian Hightower, Xavier Williams, and I was going after Cam Davis but he just committed, so I got one guy now.”

Now that Lingard is officially committed to Miami, is he shutting down his recruitment?

“100%,” Lingard said. “I already have all my classes picked out at Miami and honestly I have no time for recruiting, I have track, I have to make sure I’m ready to early enroll at Miami, so I’m glad I got it out of the way.”

But since he says he’s shutting down his recruitment, there’s one school turning up the heat on him — the Florida Gators.

“What’s that?, ‘What’s a Gator?’,” Lingard said. “I’m just playing with you, but its semi — they’re trying to get me but I’m a Miami Hurricane.”
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Stating the obvious but to have a 5 star stud as the ambassador in this class goes a looonnnggg way. "What's a Gator"? Lmao. We comin.
This kid can easily play the game but he was obviously brought up correctly and has a unbelievably level head for someone his age. I respect any recruit that handles the recruitment that this one has been so far.
Most of the top recruits know which school they are going to long before national signing day. I just wish More kids would stop being so silly and stop playing this stupid recruiting game
Says a lot about this guy's character that Cam Davis was one of the guys he was recruiting.
Love it. Huge he's doing what he needs to do to enroll early. Can't wait to hear the gayturds salty comments! LOL