2018 DE Kayode Oladele receives offer

Love this offer, he is one of the most physically imposing prospects in the country, already looks like a NFL DE.
Concerned about getting involved with any recruit that connects himself to drummond. We know exactly what that guy is all about.
Listen, I didn't say the guy was coming, Miami offered so I posted it that's all.

Nigerian Nightmare.

Interview with him later
If Kool and Diaz want this stud, then I'm all in. If 2018 goes as expected, I can't wait to face LSU then get hold of the lizards in 19.
At first I thought we offered Nigeria's human rights activist, but was relieved to know there's a younger Kayode Oladele. Looks like he holds offers from UF and FSU too. However, being that Drummond is involved, could be sketchy.
Seriously though, Kool must be in heaven with the amount of talent he's able to recruit now.
Tunsil still the coach at Edison?

Feel like all his champagnat kids were all hype

well thats because champagnat plays against nobody.

If he is at Edison...then there is definately good comp.
Tunsil is a cane and likely on this board now