“I’ll still take 2001 Miami”


Jan 16, 2012
You have a Joe Brady with the keys to that 01 offense and depth of players

Lmfao good luck

We probably win it 4 years in a row with what’s his name escapes me the transfer from Florida running a true shotgun spread like he should have been


Jul 25, 2012
It is not fair to compare players in two different systems at different eras. But the talent on that 2001 team is once in a life time occurrence. Let's see how many players on this LSU team will be drafted in the first round this year and the year after compared to the numbers of Miami players drafted in 2001 and 2002. It won't be even close.


Apr 26, 2019
I swear. The flavor of the month aka eye candy really does make everyone dumb as rocks. Instead of quoting google, wikipedia or asking siri. Just take the time to watch the Sugar / Rose / Fiesta bowl's in that order. Also take into account that whole espn documentary about the years the Hurricanes were head and shoulders the best team in the ncaa. I guess people forget those teams specifically made the nfl media pundits & fans of both levels of the sport. Question who would win - The Miami Hurricanes are the worst team in the professional level of the game. The main differences is the playbook language & also the time put on the practice fields & regular seasons.

Also the amount of athletes the ncaa gets to choose from coming out of high school is insane. Same thing with the schools to the nfl. But the mock draft used to have 30 rounds every year. Just 2020 it is condensed to just 7 rounds as it has become a new reality tv show. Its the spring season's best show if you or they like the event.

Clinton Portis said it himself in a tv/radio interview that he would play drunk in college and on the broncos and the redskins. Basically he stated "on the record" how he would take shots of henny slash liquor.. Before the game started slash the pre game and in the locker room aka halftime. And he made it on the record clear he kept it going, him and his Miami teammates that mopped the floor with nebraska. But the prior season they got robbed by a bunch of super duper nerd computers; The bcs system was better - It just needed human input, and not just having lazy people in charge of the student athletes. And its obvious why it took the entirety of the first half in the fiesta bowl against ohio state to get points on the scoreboard. & still played sloppy into overtime. Andre Johnson was easily the best skilled position player in his draft as a receiver. And a knack on him was he had to develop his hands to catch the ball without using his body to aid him in catching the ball.

Oh yea aka - Bryant McKinnie was in contention for the heisman award. Oops; I typed a few more paragraphs to talk about a team I actually enjoy watching and being a fan of.


Nov 11, 2019
If the 01 Canes ran a modern offense, I don't know if it would be close. But if you brought that scheme from 2001 into the game against this LSU team, I would take LSU by a touchdown.
These historical comparisons are absurd. Of course LSU would win as a result of their modern scheme! By that logic, the 2001 Canes would probably have 80 national titles if they too could go back in time and play every team with a historically inferior scheme pre-1975. They would probably beat all the pro football teams too pre-1975, even the '72 Dolphins!

The world loves to hate the Canes. We have become the standard every championship team in the millennium is compared to, despite our massive struggles as of late. But the legacy of that team goes beyond the whooppings they gave the majority of the teams they faced, including the 2001 Nebraska team. A disproportionate number of those players went on to have highly productive and even hall of fame worthy NFL careers (and who knows where ST26 would've ended up if not for his pre-mature death). There is no question that the talent on that team was second to none. Only time will tell of the impact that these LSU players will have on the NFL.

But for the scheme differential, I'd take our 2001 Canes any day over any team. But to compare them based on scheme when 20 years have gone by is simply unfair and minimizes the fact that the 2001 Canes had the greatest concentration of football talent the world has or will ever have seen on a college football team, which makes them easily the best team of all time.


Feb 7, 2017
I know, but ST did in fact see the field during the National Championship game.
Yea, I was saying as you didn’t know. Just pointing out how loaded that secondary was. Burrow and his boys wouldn’t be picking apart Reed, Lewis, Rumph, Buchanan and Fitzgerald. Plus that DLine in 01 was filthy too. Linebackers that could cover and play the run equally well.


Feb 1, 2012
Uh huh.

Andre Johnson is by far the most physically gifted WR Miami has had.

Haven't watched LSU (or college football besides Miami) for a long time.

But I still know that they have absolutely no one who could cover him.

Or Shockey.

Or stop Portis.

And it doesn't matter if Dorsey doesn't have a Marino arm if you can't get to him.

And in '01 no one got to him.

Who would throw the Ball??? Dorsey barely had a P5 arm. He’s be the weak link in a modern offense


Ed Reed is the main reason why I say we win... U can make the right and perfect throw and he will still take it to the house. No one was stopping Dre in 01... That Canes team was too hungry... No one was beating them that year.... Unlike the past 15 years, this team rises to the occasion