Canes LB Raul Aguirre Talks Spring Ball | Breaking Down Lance Guidry's Scheme With WestEndZone

Peter Ariz and CIS contributor WestEndZone break down Lance Guidry's defensive scheme. Plus, Canes LBer Raul 'Popo' Aguirre joins the show to talk about spri...
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Fantastic podcast today gentlemen! The player interview series is a smashing success and the most recent one with Raul"Popo"Aguirre is a prime example why. Very informative interview with Popo especially in the context of his love for UM and the tight bond he has with his teammates. After watching three of these interviews it has really given me a great deal of insight into the "family atmosphere" that recruits always go out of their way to mention after visiting Miami. The "culture" aspect of Cristobal's program is often mocked but in reality it's no joke. These are high character young men who are focused and have a tremendous work ethic. I can't wait for the season to begin.

The segment with WestEndZone was very insightful and informative but more than that, the way he explained Guidry's defensive philosophy allowed me to have that light bulb moment where it all just clicked for me and snapped into place. We are basically a nickel based "multiple" defense that employs the use specialized hybrid type players which allows us or gives us the ability to switch from a 3-3-5 to a 4-2-5 to a 4-3 etc.. I'm not exactly an expert yet but at least a now have a fundamental understanding of the defenses core principles. I now understand why we would have one of the DEs in coverage at times. I now understand why Meesh Powell and his skill set will be so important to the defense and why Zaquan Patterson is being groomed to take over that position. I get why the coaches are so excited about Cam Pruitt, Adarius Hayes and Bobby Washington and the role their position has in the defense. I understand why Malik Bryant is at Jack and so many other things.

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