Young Commits to Miami

Young Commits to Miami

Tito Benach
2014 Albany (Ga.) linebacker Juwon Young wasn’t planning on committing when he arrived in Miami for the Al Golden football camp, but once he met the coaches, he couldn’t resist.

“The reason why I committed to Miami today was because the coaches are so down to earth. They tell you the truth, not get in your head or tell you lies about the school or the academics.”

Another reason Young chose to become the hurricanes’ tenth commitment was due to the great atmosphere in the city.

“The atmosphere man, being in Miami it just feels good.”

The 6’2 230 pound linebacker got the opportunity to work with coach Michael Barrow and truly cherished the moment.

“It was a great experience and I will remember it for the rest of my life because first of all, I could play D-1 football for him. It was just an experience for life man.”

The Georgia native was one of the many big prospects at the camp and enjoyed competing against other top recruits.

“Competing man, I think that’s what I’m born to do. When I compete, I never stop I always keep going.”

Young has also built a great relationship with head coach Al Golden and enjoys how straight forward and friendly he is.

“Coach Golden is just like coach Barrow, down to earth, straight up real. He is a guy you can really get along with.”

Miami has offered a number of Georgia recruits and Young will do his best to make Miami known in the area.

“Oh yeah, always. I would recommend everybody from where I’m from and who I know. I will recruit and tell them about the university and the place and the atmosphere.”

Young described himself as a multi-talented linebacker that can double not only as an outside linebacker but as well as an inside.

“Outside and inside linebacker. I’m a make tackles type of linebacker, like if the receiver catches a ball down field I’m gonna go get him. If the running back runs through the line, I’m stuffing the fullback. I’m wreaking havoc, I’m strong, fast and powerful.”

While Young will still plan on taking visits, he maintains he is a strong commit.

“Yeah, I would say it’s strong, most likely. I’m still going to talk to other schools, but now that I committed to Miami there isn’t a reason to back out now.”

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"I’m wreaking havoc, I’m strong, fast and powerful.”

Great get!!! Welcome to the U, young man!!! Can't wait to see him destroying RB's, QB's and WR's.
This commitment means that there's more then a fifty percent chance he will be with us next year.
Kid is beast, we have to get him to stick
Kid already has an AU offer and is feeling us rather than the school 2 hours away. I like it, hope it holds up through January, and somewhat expect it to if KANE is right about what his momma's been sayin (all the right things). Means familial pressure to stay home won't be as likely.

Anyway trying to bump this thread over the other one since I incidentally derailed it by not reading "QB" in one of Problem2's posts. SMH my bad.
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I truly believe this kid will be a player for us. He's the big physical specimen type of linebacker that is perfect for Coach D's system. But if he continues to put on weight he could be work his way into a defensive end but I really see him being just a big middle linebacker for us.

I think this kid appreciates the fact we were first to offer him from the big schools.
Why is this thread missing the usual number of hackneyed comments?