With stock on the rise, 2019 ATH Good lands UM offer

With stock on the rise, 2019 ATH Good lands UM offer

Stefan Adams
Up until a month ago, 2019 Lake Brantley (FL) ATH Damarius Good had a quiet recruitment as a mostly unknown prospect with zero offers and no national ranking. However, everything changed when Tulsa offered Good his first scholarship back on April 24, and since then Good has blown up: he’s received 11 offers within the past month, with one of them coming from safeties coach Ephraim Banda and the Miami Hurricanes.

“Coach Banda came to my blue and white game and he told me to call him later that night. When I called him, he told me they offered me,” Good said. “I wasn’t expecting it at all. I was just like shook, I wasn’t expecting to get an offer from Miami, it’s such a good school. I was excited and surprised, I thought I was dreaming.”

With his stock rising, many schools like UCF, USF, and Pitt have already gotten in on Good and there are sure to be more offers to come in the near future. Position-wise, the Canes see Good’s future on defense and project him at corner.

“They like me at cornerback right now,” Good said of Miami.

There was a reason Good was surprised about his Canes offer, though: he didn’t play much cornerback in his junior year for Lake Brantley, mostly functioning as an athlete that played multiple positions in their option offense.

“Right now where I’m at, I play running back and quarterback. We run option,” Good said. “I blocked a lot last season, scored three touchdowns, but I didn’t think I did that great last season which is why I was surprised about the Miami offer. I think track helped. I’m going to play more defense and cornerback this season so I can send schools some tape.”

So, which does he prefer: offense or defense?

“I’m still focusing on both, but I’d say defense,” Good said. “I like to be physical and hit people, and I’m quick, so I think that’s an advantage that I have.”

Growing up, Good followed the Canes and knows the tradition of defensive backs that have come through Coral Gables. It was one UM DB in particular that started his interest in the Canes though, and it might not be the one you’d expect.

“I follow them a little bit. They’ve had some of the best DB’s ever. A lot of the DB’s they’ve had were really good,” Good said. “One of my favorites, besides Sean Taylor, was Deon Bush. I liked him a lot, I used to watch his highlights all the time. He made me start getting into the history of all their defensive players.”

With his Miami offer in hand, will Good plan a visit to the Coral Gables campus at UM?

“Of course, coach Banda said he’s going to set up one soon,” Good said. “I want to meet the rest of the Miami coaching staff and see how they are.”

The 6'1" 175 pounder also plans to make the return trip for Paradise camp in July as well.

“Yes sir, I will go to Paradise camp,” Good said.

Since his recruitment has blown up so fast and new players seem to come in everyday, Good plans to take the process slow and make sure he knows all his options before coming to a decision. However, whoever else comes into play, he says the Canes will always be near the top of his recruitment.

“I’ll probably decide before the season, or possibly in the middle of the season,” said Good. “I’m probably going to play it slow for now, but Miami’s definitely up there.”

When it does come time to announce his commitment, though, Good will be looking for a school that can offer both academics and great coaching.

“First part is education. I want to have the stuff I need to be able to provide for myself,” Good said. “And a great coaching staff.”


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His physicality stands out to me. You can tell he likes contact.

Corner is a traits position, and he seems to have an ideal combination of size and track speed. Just wish he was more productive at that level.
Like that we're on the kid early, that can't hurt.

And I think we all know that being offered by Tulsa isn't the point where everything changed for anyone. Ever.
Is this kid a Plan B type, or are we just getting on him early anticipating him to blow up? Would we take his commitment if he accepted at this moment?

He looks like a good ATH and his second play on the tape shows his physicality but its obvious he needs more game tape.
Tall and very long , has some really good wheels. Also has really good acceleration to go with the speed.

Looks very impressive as an athlete, wish their was some film at cb. But he definitely has everything you want physically.
Reminds me of Henderson. He didn’t have a lot of film as a cb. The big difference seems to be that this dude loves contact. Any 40 time on him?
Idk if he's a take guys. He doesn't seem great. He's just.... Good. :cool:
His physicality stands out to me. You can tell he likes contact.

Corner is a traits position, and he seems to have an ideal combination of size and track speed. Just wish he was more productive at that level.

Some of the traits you talked about in your draft sleepers post. Not going to always hit on guys like this, but hard to teach that kind of size and speed.
track speed.... check
plays multiple positions... check
prototype height and weight.... check

pretty amazing that he didn't get the ball more. That is strange. I like the CJ Henderson comparison from what I can see in the limited film (I even had some Percy Harvin thoughts there). But the lack of film means his coaches weren't using him and I wonder why that is. With an athlete like that, one would think he'd be playing all over the field; safety, CB, WR, KR, PR.... etc. Anybody know if he got injured or something along those lines?

Either way, looking at his highlights from the spring game, it looks like he will be getting the ball more this season. Wish there would've been a sneak peak of him on defense.

I'm torn on the timing of the offer just because he doesn't seem to have the justification based on production. But with Banda checking out his spring game in person and feeling confident in offering, I will trust the evaluation. Thinking maybe an offer after showing out at Paradise Camp would make more sense but I'm excited we are jumping on guys early that we have put our eyes on trusting our evaluation skills and not relying on rankings and other programs offering.
Let’s hope he turns a corner at Paradise or during the season. Legit track speed; probably one of the fastest in the State next year.

100 - 10.63 (1.8) - District
200 - 21.58 (2.6) - District
100 - 10.63 (0.5) - Regional
200 - 21.58 (-0.5) - Regional

100 - 10.99 (0.6) - State
200 - 21.79 (1.2) - State
Speed matters! Knowing he could be one of the fastest kids in the state next year makes me like him more.
Corner is a position where you just have to have great measurables to be great. Kid looks the part and runs the part.
I do not try to make sense of high school coaches anymore. So many High schools so few quality coaches.
Interesting that the kid had no offers a month ago. Guess colleges are stat whores also.
DMoney....Will see him play late Aug against Haggerty here in Orlando...and maybe against Lake Mary.
I think that clip ~1:44 tells you everything you need to know about his mindset. Hopefully he balls out next season