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Upon Further Review- Michigan State

Upon Further Review- Michigan State

Lance Roffers
We all have a penance to pay for the decisions we make in life. For each of us here, it was our decision to become fans of the Miami Hurricanes’ football program that we have to pay penance for today. Find out where it went wrong, how far away Miami really is, and if this can be salvaged, only here at Upon Further Review.

I think this is a bust, because it is unusual to turn an edge loose and then already make the fake without a “read” of the defensive player. Doing a read before he is anywhere near negates the entire purpose of letting the player go. Plus, the RB is going the opposite direction of the read. My guess is the OL was shifted the wrong direction and MSU just had a gift. Easy sack.

Good play design, where the RB motion holds the LB, who doesn’t hit Mallory here like he should. Not sure what technique we are teaching on the OL here, but your RT to have his butt to the sideline already is not going to hold a defender out long. C is already half-man as well. Goes for a 1st down to Mallory.

Official staring right at the hands to the face. Nothing. Mallory though, that is just poor technique on the block. He’s not rolling his hips and driving to drive that defender at all.

Very next play we run a pop pass to Harley and Mallory does the exact same thing against a S and gives up his chest and gets knocked backwards. His technique has not improved in four years. (Not pictured)

I’ve asked for rub routes against man-coverage, pop passes to make things easy on QB several times and Lashlee ran them on back-to-back plays. Hopefully, my re-watch will make me believe that Lashlee had a better game plan than I thought. I will say I wish Harley didn’t go to the ground so often on catches like this. He had a lot of room up-the-sideline if he keeps his feet.

Rambo speed opens the hips of the outside CB and an easy hitch route reception for Rambo. (Not pictured)

Justice gets smoked immediately. Forces King to rush and he doesn’t get the ball away in time. Fumble. Restrepo had a chance, but like everything else on this day, it squirted away. Wiggins then expects that Restrepo has it and just watches. Tough spot, but you have to go all out in that spot to get the ball back. I’d give him less grief if it wasn’t a career-long issue to go brain-dead in big spots.

Carter loses his man. He jumps the read on the inside give, when the Orbit motion is his responsibility. I do not understand how he starts over Frierson and Chase Smith can’t get a chance. It’s constant mistakes from #5.

#17 takes Gurvan Hall for a ride and throws him completely out of the club. Hall started at the 31-yard line and ends up out-of-bounds. The gloves are off for #5, #26, #21, #1 in this defense. All seniors. All worse than last season. Starts with Carter trying to do too much. Ends with embarrassing film for Gurvan. 17 is a sophomore, listed at 6-2, 195.

I mentioned that this UFR might be the longest or the shortest every and I’m leaning towards shortest. I could show every single play and point mistake-after-mistake on this team. Harvey ducks inside and no one replaces. What are you waiting on Carter? This is your gap outside and you have to be the force player to stop the defense from being outleveraged outside. Why are you standing there? RB beats him outside, he doesn’t force the runner back to your defense. Easy yards.

Steed comes free after Harvey goes inside, sacks QB. (Not pictured)

Steed attacks another run on next play and stuffs it. Harrison-Hunte fights off an early duo, as second defender comes off to try for Flagg, Steed cleans it up with JHH. Nice play, guys. (Not pictured)

Frierson drops into zone and lets WR catch it short and comes up and makes a solid tackle. (Not pictured)

Special teams frustrate me so much with this team. You assign a guy on the edge to come all the way back across and get the snapper? He just runs straight down the field as Kinchens can’t get there. Stevenson fields the punt at the 1-yard line, which is so easy to avoid. That LS is down there to make a tackle. Miami has another penalty on a return. It’s inevitable on almost every return. So. Many. Mistakes.

I’m happy Brinson caught this pass, but why are you going to the ground on a ball that hits you in the stomach? Get upfield and get that 1st down.

Cam Harris has to avoid two defenders in the backfield to pick this 1st down up. MSU is just splitting gaps against all of our pullers.

I talked earlier about the fact our RT is immediately turning his butt to the sideline and that will not work longterm. Here is one reason why. If the pass rusher gets your wrists and controls it, you are done. You’ve already got the gate open for the pass rusher to go past. The other reason is it exposes your chest once you get depth and the defender can drive through you pretty easily. Zion gets overpowered on his side and ends up on the ground. Easy sack.

Designed run for King. Justice loses and King has to bubble around the defender in backfield. Mallory stops his feet before contact and gets driven backwards. I will be honest; this is an absolute physical mauling against Miami. Michigan State said some things after the game and they are all over the film thus far. (Not pictured)

Michigan State does not allow our long snapper a free release.

Miami stuffs a run and Steed did a nice job of pinching the gap from outside-in. He’s played well thus far. (Not pictured)

Michigan State has a bust as the OL shifts away from where Miami stunts again. Chantz stunts inside and the C doesn’t take him. Free walk to the QB for a sack. (Not pictured)

MSU punts and Miami lets the LS run free again. Literally did not block him.

Harris ran right into Scaife. I wish Scaife got through there quicker because it was going to pop if he did. That is a big hole and you’ve got 60 getting to 2nd-level.

McElroy calling out the offense for not just throwing it to Mallory, who is uncovered. They run that dive play everyone (including Lashlee’s family) loves so much for no gain. If the opponent gives it, run the same play 15 straight times if you need to. You do not need to “setup another play” if the one you are running is working already.

3rd down and the deepest defender on Michigan State is six yards off the LOS. Love how they challenge Miami’s offense and absolutely show zero respect to the receiving group for Miami. Harley drops a slant that would’ve gone for a 1st down, but Michigan State told you after the game they didn’t respect Miami and it is all over the tape thus far.

Really nice play design by Michigan State using jet motion with a RB as eye candy on a screen that goes to the TE. Roman showed this play on his YouTube feed if you’re interested in a breakdown. Really, what made the play so successful was they caught us blitzing off that side and we dropped Chantz into coverage. Hall did a good job staying outside as the force player, coming off the block and making a tackle or it would’ve been a bigger play. (Not pictured)

It’s over and over again with Nesta, where he dips that shoulder and barrels ahead into a gap. OL are content to just wash him whichever direction he wants to go all game. Creates monster cutback lanes for the RB. If you’re going to do this you have to replace him in that gap and the LB is slow here. Hall blitzes and they let him run himself by. The defensive scheme needs to do some self-scouting because offenses have adjusted to their chaotic style.

Nesta just runs himself right out of there. OL just guided him. Gurvan runs himself right out of the play. Deandre Johnson was soft on the edge. Too. Easy.

Stevenson has to complete some plays. This is multiple times now. We see the reactions. We know you know you screwed up, but at some point, stop screwing up. Make a play young man.

Stevenson loses contain on an end-around on the next play. Bubba comes up and makes a great tackle in space. Bolden can fill run lanes. (Not pictured)

Flagg really messed this one up. Once again, a Miami contain defender loses contain. It’s continuous. It’s simple geometry. Yet, they do it all game long. Flagg loops with his rush, but has to widen his angle to stay wider than the QB to not allow him outside. QB outruns him to the edge here for a 1st down. Cannot happen.

The coaches have to teach it. I have no other explanation for the consistently poor angles they take on defense. Nesta loops here, so he was actually already headed E-W and turns N-S to run straight at the RB and is outrun. Once again, because of the stunt, Nesta replaces the edge as the force player and has to stay wider than the RB to force him back inside to the pursuit. There is no edge setter here if Nesta gives it up.

Donaldson tries a two-hand punch and the DT swats his hands away and beats him on first step. Rivers’ injury is showing up here as Donaldson cannot handle the OL slide to the right, which takes away his C help. Miami runs mesh over the middle with a comeback on the outside and King hits it.

Miami is eating on that hitch or comeback route on the outside to Rambo. He makes a man miss and gets upfield. Wish they would run a double-move on that at least once a half to keep that CB honest. (Not pictured)

This seems like a designed dumpoff to the RB, but not sure we executed it the way you’d want. Since Rambo is running a little curl here, there is no one to block that CB out there. You’d think King would read curl first to move that CB to Rambo, then come back to RB as second read, but this could be the way the play was designed and it was just a bad play call against that look. This defensive look should’ve been easy money with all that open space and we throw it to the one place where no gain was available.

Justice gets whipped. Wish Harris had recognized this and not released into pass pattern. Michigan State had a game plan of creating an umbrella around King to try and force him to scramble up-the-middle instead of letting him scramble outside. He still gets around the edge on this one and gets down the sideline.

The play happens because Harris stands in and blocks a blitzing LB’er. I get frustrated with some of the runs as much as anyone, but the importance of blocking from the RB in this offense is understated and Harris is good at that. It has to be the reason he starts even when all the RB’s are available.

Play Restrepo more. Find a role. The kid is one of the few players who has effort show up on film. Here he turns a defender inside so Rambo can get outside.

Ran sprint right option two plays in a row at the goal line. MSU overruns it and leaves Rambo wide open. TD. (Not pictured)

This defense. Sometimes I feel like this defense is trying to allow itself to be outleveraged. Carter is far too inside on this play. You cannot allow a receiver to be five yards outside of you when you’re playing off-coverage on the outside. This is just basic geometry again.

You’ve all seen it, but this happened. I can confirm it. Gurvan Hall dove out of the way of the WR and hit the blocker, which blocked his own man as well. Carter never gets there because he let himself get outleveraged and this pops down the sideline. James Williams runs it down. He gets a horse collar, but that’s a good penalty on the play because it was a TD if he didn’t. Such an egregious play, a former player asked Hall who paid him off on Twitter.

Make a tackle, Gilbert. No one on this team brings their legs with them on any contact. Look at how far over his toes he is and off-balance. He gets shrugged off.

Steed does a good job of cutting off the wheel route to the RB and QB throws it away. (Not pictured)

Flagg makes a bad play here. He comes off his receiver way too early here. He has to stay deeper and in the area of the receiver while flowing parallel to the QB. Once the QB decides to move upfield then you attack. QB makes a bad throw or this is an easy 1st down.

Michigan State misses the easy FG. Manny celebrates like he did something. Will probably promote Patke tomorrow. (Not pictured)

That is a heck of a catch by Harley.

I have no idea why Harris cuts this back inside of Zion. He has the edge and one defender to beat. Gets three.

Miami’s offense has to attack more vertically in my view. Deep to Keyshawn and he gets a PI called. If the defender didn’t grab, it’s a TD, so good play. (Not pictured)

This has to be a missed block by Mallory. You’re certainly not asking the LT to get all the way out there. TFL. Would’ve been better off throwing the slip screen to the top of the screen.

Very next play Mallory just drops a wide-open TD. Sigh. He’s been so disappointing.

Justice holds on the next play. Which makes the FG harder, of course. Miami cannot get out of their own way. Then Keyshawn holds on the next play. Declined. Brutal showing from this team. (Not pictured)

Again, are they teaching the defense this way? Frierson goes inside, instead of staying outside and staying as the force player. They aren’t designing the defense to lack a force player on the edge, I will give them the benefit of the doubt there. 1st down. Rinse. Repeat.

Steed missed tackle in space. Sigh.

Trap Steed, McCloud can’t get off a block. Easy 1st outside. The edges of the defense. My goodness. UNC is going to run for 500 again. Your MLB goes the wrong way and is fooled by something, not sure what, because the action is all to the other side. Your Striker, no clue where he is going. Again, the eye candy motion is going the other way. Ford wants out after this play. They should oblige him a long break and give Taylor a try.

The defense is getting mauled. Michigan State is letting them fly upfield on the edges and creating all kinds of room for the RB. This defense doesn’t work in the run game. If you see a tough, physical run team on the schedule the rest of this season, it’ll be 200+ yards rushing. LOS completely reset. 12 misses this tackle as well.

Carter has zero awareness in pass coverage. Outleveraged easily again. It’s incredible to me. He’s like a vacuum for blocks as well. This goes to the 3-yard line. Kinchens saves the TD for now.

Carter even pointed it out that Couch was taking inside man, while Carter has back of the stack. Motion a TE over to block. How does he think he is covering anything outside from several yards inside of him? That’s a WR named Speedy.

Something I’ve noticed is Stevenson struggles to field side when he’s singled up in the red zone. MSU had a TD earlier with a better throw on a fade. This time a back-shoulder is dropped for what should’ve been a TD. (Not pictured)

JHH shoots a gap, gets held (not called) and allows his LB’ers to clean up. (Not pictured)

Defense outleveraged again. Flagg can’t get out there and make a tackle. MSU with a smart play where they pick downfield. TD. MSU anticipated man-coverage, got it, outcoached the defense. Carter is so unsure of himself out there in coverage he runs right into the pick instead of getting out there. Even with that, just make the tackle Flagg.

Comments (105)

Gaynor with a really silly play. You can’t run back to your own LOS and hit a guy outside tackle box. Blindside block. If he just puts his arms up and gets in the way this is a nice play.

King had Harris for probably 10 on 1st down, but instead forces it to Rambo and it’s an interception. Sigh. Every play. Every play there is a mistake not really caused by the opponent. Just mistakes by Miami themselves. (Not pictured)

This should’ve been a TD. Smith and Rambo are both trying to basket catch this ball. It is right there. Turn your hands over and snatch this ball out of the air. They try to field it like a punt.

Make a tackle, Carter. Manny talked about how Miami “whipped” Michigan State inside, but far too often our DT was getting pushed inside like this. DeAndre Johnson doing that shoulder dip thing that Miami seems to teach on their DL. You can’t have your edge player getting blocked by a RB like #11. I know they’re trying to get skinny into a gap, but turning your back like this just makes it easy to control you and steer you away from the runner. This goes for 20, should’ve been a TFL.

Lots of ugly on his one, and some good as well. Not great when your MLB runs into the back of your DT getting driven backwards by the duo block. Nesta getting moved out by one OL. Not exactly whipping them. Harvey wins his block and finally a Miami defender stays home on the outside where they’re supposed to instead of trying to jump into that gap that isn’t theirs. Steed makes the TFL.

Next play Michigan State has a line bust as the C releases Nesta to get to 2nd level and Deandre stays home on the edge. JHH bullied his blocker. TFL. (Not pictured)

Don’t even try to block the long-snapper. He runs down and helps down the punt at the 5. Goodness, go catch the ball, Stevenson. This lands at the 15 and bounces to the 5. Have to go field that ball. After fielding one at his own 1-yard line you can see he was impacted by that. This is really a terrible play by the punt returner and should be mentioned. MSU has a penalty so it goes unnoticed, but if he runs up and catches it, you tack the penalty on and you get the ball out at the 30 or so.

Could’ve been a PI on the 1st play, but I don’t mind the no-call. I do mind the body catching instead of reaching out and just catching the ball with your arms extended. Rambo, we need you to be good. (Not pictured)

Take your screen game where you ask your RT to run all the way out to the perimeter and make a block and fire it directly into the sun. It does not work. The OL cannot get there. Maybe they do in practice, but that’s against Miami’s LB’s, not the opponents. Do better, Lashlee.

Catch the ball, Keyshawn. Could be a better throw, but you’re here as a receiver. Mistakes on every play.

Michigan State roughs the punter and that’s the break we were looking for, right? (Not pictured)

This is a really nice job of pressing the hole by Harris rather than just bouncing it immediately. He gets 8 out of this, but Zion is called for holding on the perimeter when he didn’t need it. Sad trombone.

I wish Harris saw the cut to his left here. He cuts it back right and it gets a couple.

Make a tackle, McCloud. Goes for 10.

Carter must be gassed because he was bent over before this and the QB is throwing the ball and he still has his hands on his knees. Luckily, the TE dropped it.

Make a tackle Carter and you’re probably off the field. This goes for a 1st. Amari Carter is unplayable right now in my view.

Make a tackle, Couch. Make a tackle, Bubba. None of them do. 1st down. Carter says the joke’s on you, as he made the tackle 15-yards down the field. I guess I need to be more specific when I say make a tackle and specify which attempt.

You blitz your WLB and someone has to replace him as responsible for the RB. No one does. Goes for 25. This film is abysmal.

Run your boundary CB deep with outside WR, have Frierson too far inside hash, slot runs an out route and it truly couldn’t be an easier 8-yards. (Not pictured)

Blitz Ivey, he goes for the eye candy from orbit motion. Edge is washed down again. Huge hole for another 20. Bolden more missed tackles. Gurvan more missed tackles. Nesta makes the tackle 20 yards downfield. Canes don’t want to play. (Not pictured)

Edge defenders are slow right now for Miami. Not sure if thinking or just slow, but Harvey stands tall, RB cuts right inside of him for six when it should’ve been 0. (Not pictured)

No takes 8. Blitz Frierson off the edge. Absolutely no one covers 8 as he goes untouched into end zone. MSU coaches are decimating Miami’s coaches at every turn and keep making adjustments to Miami trying to do something to protect their edges. Jennings is supposed to take him I believe, but it would’ve been a TD even if he did.

Several nice shorter throws from King on the next drive. Keyshawn gets his feet tangled with the defender or they’d have had a big play over the middle. (Not pictured)

Miami runs mesh again and Brinson comes across to catch a 1st down from King who escapes outside. Nice play by both. Do enjoy that they’re calling more mesh in this game. Michigan State stunts and Harris tries to take the stunter instead of the LB’er. I don’t know which to blame on because I don’t know the line call here. Bottom line is both Gaynor and Harris take LB’er and no one takes the DL looping in. King shakes him and hits Rambo on that hitch again for a big play. King really is pretty good at covering up sins along the protection.

Rambo makes a big boy TD catch on 3rd down and takes the hit. Great throw. Great catch. King is a good QB when you watch the film play-after-play and see what he does for you. (Not pictured)

Elijah Roberts lets this get around him for a gain of 6. He has to go one-yard further upfield here and not allow the escape edge. Then Carter comes down and misses another tackle. You simply cannot keep playing Carter after this game.

This right here might actually get Roberts a little more time from me. The very next play. They run the exact same play call (ok, they didn’t pull the LG this time, but it’s the same play) and this time look at the difference, Roberts is a full yard further upfield and then works downhill instead of being tentative and stopping his feet. Like to see progression after a mistake is made. Gain of one.

It’s just the technique they teach. They want Nesta and the other DT’s to fly upfield and not care about controlling a blocker. Once again, Michigan State lets Nesta dip that shoulder and fly into a gap and then simply use his momentum to take him away from play. #62 comes across in split zone and C gets to the 2nd-level. Too easy. He isn’t touched until he’s past the first down.

Make a tackle Steed. Make a tackle, Flagg. QB gets out of this and picks up 4. I’m shook, fellas. Like a Miami defender, I’m shook.

Chantz and his length really impacts passing windows on the edge. Pass knocked down. He should be starting. (Not pictured)

Punt return team doesn’t block long snapper, then James Williams holds after a good return by Stevenson. It seems like small things, but all of these yards that Miami is truly just giving away add up over the course of a game. Miami was a much more talented team than Michigan State. When they play a team who can tackle it will all of a sudden look like they’ve never played offense before. Miami just hands them play after play. Special teams are absolutely atrocious on this team. (Not pictured)

Miami runs an end-around out of their own goal line and that play had no chance. MSU stays home and Mallory cannot block. (Not pictured)

I’ve watched this play several times and I’m at a loss. You’ve got a 1-technique off Gaynor left shoulder. You’ve got a 3-technique lined up off Donaldson’s left shoulder. But you have a DE lined up in wide-9, way outside of the shoulder of Zion. Yet, at the snap, Zion takes a step in and towards Donaldson. Maybe he is trying to help with the shoulder of Donaldson, but that makes no sense in this alignment. Zion cannot get outside on a Wide-9 and step towards Donaldson at the same time.

At the snap, Zion steps towards the 3-technique and away from his DE. My only hypothesis on this is he expected the RB to help him with the DE to the outside and he didn’t.

Incredibly, Donaldson still gets beaten to the inside on this play and Zion has no chance. Ball game.

By the Numbers:
  • Fumble play in which King fumbled cost Miami 5.11 Expected Points and was by far the biggest play in the game for either side
  • Dropped pass by Mallory on 2nd and goal cost Miami 4.10 Expected Points and was the second biggest play of the game
  • King fumble on first drive of game cost Miami 3.55 Expected Points
  • Borregales’ missed FG cost Miami 2.70 Expected Points (obviously in the case of a FG it’s 3 or 0, but probability of making the kick puts it at 2.70)
  • By now you’ve read that Missed 30 tackles in this game. Some of those were multiples on the same play, but the missed tackles add up to a massive amount of Expected Points for Michigan State and are the reason Miami lost
  • Gurvan and Couch had 4 missed tackles each
  • Bolden, McCloud, Steed, Frierson had 3 missed tackles each
  • Harvey, Roberts, Nesta, Jordan Miller, James Williams, Flagg, Huff each had 1 missed tackle
  • Tyrique Stevenson is tied for the most pass breakups in the ACC (3)
  • He has two dropped interceptions, which also leads the ACC. If he could finish plays, he could be a game changer
  • Joey Blount leads the ACC is missed tackles at 10 (27.8% missed tackles), then Qwynnterrio Cole at 8 (30.8%). Next, in a row are Miami Hurricanes:
    • Couch has 7 missed tackles (35.0%)
    • Steed has 7 missed tackles (31.8%)
    • Gurvan has 6 missed tackles (20.7%)
    • Bolden has 6 missed tackles (20.7%)
    • Carter has 6 missed tackles (26.1%)
    • Keontra Smith before he got hurt would be here as well with 4 (30.8%)
    • Flagg is also missing 20.0%
  • Others missing > 20% of tackle attempts:
    • Jordan Miller (37.5% and you won’t play Taylor!)
    • Frierson (30.0%)
    • McCloud (30.0%)
    • Jennings (22.2%)
    • James Williams (33.3%, 1 out of 3 though)

That was dreadful. It was worse than I ever could’ve thought it was. Here are some overall thoughts that are simply my opinion:
  • This defense will not work. It is not sustainable to play at such a high variance rate all the time. The DL is clearly taught to turn their shoulder and get skinny and shoot gaps. This will not work against any team with a RB who can make a cutback because the OL will simply steer the DL player whichever direction their momentum is taking them and expose gaping holes to run through.
  • I’ve never seen anything like the tackling of this team. I named 11 players with a missed tackle percentage over 20% on this defense alone, not even including James Williams or Elijah Roberts due to limited snaps. To then hear Coach Diaz say they practice half-speed and only thud is something that leaves me speechless. The job of the coach is to prepare the team to succeed and what they are doing as far as tackling drills is not doing that, clearly.
  • This defense will not work. They do not protect their edges in the run game (either designed, or QB run game). It is repeatedly seen on film a defender dipping inside on the edge and not replacing. It is repeatedly seen on film the force player dipping inside when his main job is to protect the edge. It is repeatedly seen on film that the slow developing blitzes from the secondary leave too much space on the edges to adequately defend if the opposing coach gameplans for it.
  • The offensive run game has no diversity and their protection scheme will not work. Repeatedly on film you see communication issues or blocking schemes that make no sense. Jarrid Williams turning perpendicular to the LOS will not work. Zion Nelson stepping inside to help his LG when a DE is setup in Wide-9 will not work. These are failures prior to the snap. That is on the coaching staff.
  • Mistake. After mistake. After mistake. All over the film. I do not see accountability. If you are a super senior on this club, you are not held to any standard whatsoever. Gurvan Hall made this team a laughing stock with his mistake. No change. Amari Carter just put a game film out there that will have him selling insurance in a few months. He will probably misplace your policy documents. Bubba Bolden cannot cover the pass. He looks disinterested and playing not to get hurt. Zach McCloud repeatedly misses tackles or lose contain on the edge. Harley makes critical drops and the player behind him has made plays. No accountability. The effort on this team is borderline embarrassing. Yet, the young players are not given chances. This coaching staff is failing. Not because they’re losing games. They’re failing because they do not hold anyone accountable.
  • I was happy to see some more mesh on offense. I was happy to see more motion and more play-action. I was happy to see a few plays with orbit motion. Take advantage of the layups on offense.
  • Coach Diaz is not being honest with himself or with the fans. He continues to talk of character wins and getting better. He continues to celebrate FG’s and a mistake by the other team as if his team did something. His leadership is failing.
  • Special teams. Coach Patke needs to be replaced as special team’s coach. Most of the time, I believe a successful special teams’ play for Miami is if the returner didn’t fumble the ball and there isn’t a penalty for holding on the kick return team. They legitimately and purposefully left the long snapper unaccounted for on every punt in this game and he was in on every punt tackle or fumble recovery. It is broken.
  • I ask the coaching staff for self-scouting quite often, and I think I need to do so myself as I saw this as a 10-3 team and the best roster in several years. It is not. This roster is devoid of upperclassmen who can play. D’Eriq King is a very good college QB, but is limited and this offense does him no favors. Age did not equal improvement on the OL as I expected (the scheme has not helped at all, either). The defense does not work. I think I convinced myself that the negative plays would impact the opposing offense enough to work, but it does not. If the opponent just lets Miami disintegrate over the course of the game and gameplans against it, they will be successful at a far higher rate than the defense will disrupt them. This is an 8-4 season if they stay healthy, with real outcomes of 6-7 etc. available as well. I should’ve seen some of the paths to outcomes like that more plainly and I did not.
  • Michigan State called Miami a bunch of punks and said they knew they would fold. If I were the coach of Miami I would have that posted on the walls of the locker room. If that isn’t something that opens eyes in that room, I’m not really sure what will. The toughness of this program is at an all-time low to my eyes.


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Amari Carter just put a game film out there that will have him selling insurance in a few months. He will probably misplace your policy documents

Will Smith Reaction GIF
A little petty, but I wanted to be really mean and honestly refrained.

That was so bad. These veterans are actually making things worse. It blows my mind how bad the age is playing and I have no other recourse but to blame coaching.

Generally, a 3-star 5th year will compete with 5-star underclassmen if they’re being developed. We are seeing our players get worse as they age.
Somebody please help me with this as I am far from being knowledgeable on x’s and o’s.

Has our team as a whole ever been this poorly coached under our last 4 coaches?

I remember how sad we looked under Shannon and the helpless feeling watching our defense during the Golden years.
As another poster pointed out prior to the game, Diaz really needed to show everyone that the first two weeks were an aberration. Mario knocking off the #3 team made the spotlight on Diaz even brighter. The team then gives virtually no effort AT HOME and it is one the laziest and poorly played games I can remember. Can't say it's the worst because that could be said about any of the last five games. Its over for Diaz.

Terrific analysis and a ton of time
I can sum it up a bit quicker

This team is poorly coached on both sides of the ball
This team gets out coached badly on game day
This team is undisciplined
This team can’t tackle AT ALL
This team will be lucky to win 6 games and be bowl eligible
This coach is dead beta male walking

How’s that?
A little petty, but I wanted to be really mean and honestly refrained.

That was so bad. These veterans are actually making things worse. It blows my mind how bad the age is playing and I have no other recourse but to blame coaching.

Generally, a 3-star 5th year will compete with 5-star underclassmen if they’re being developed. We are seeing our players get worse as they age.

Be petty young man, be petty!!

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10/16 @
Loss 45 - 42
10/23 vs
10/30 @
11/06 vs
11/13 @
11/20 vs
11/27 @