UM commitment shares bond with Sean Taylor's family

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Pete must have a composition book full of writes ups like a rapper. "Imma drop two articles back to back!"

Great write up. I love hearing the ties between the two families and I hope seeing Bandy perform brings Sean's brother closer to getting some closure.
[MENTION=3894]Peter Ariz[/MENTION]: great write up...and again, your grind never ceases to amaze me, bro.

Golden....Golden has cost us so many players. His evaluation stunk and how in the world could you tell a kid, grow another inch then we'll offer you?? Biggest jerk comment to a kid. But thanks Al...b/c of your infatuation w height and weight, u completely gave this kid the biggest chip he could possibly have, molding him into the Honey Badger 2.0 and now he's ours. Thank God, and I truly mean this...THANK GOD Golden is far removed from our program...and once we win this year, the stitch of him and his staff will be long gone as well.
And to think this kid was actually committed to Oklahoma at one point... Lol
Thank God for Coach Richt, because Folden wouldn't have even had a chance at flipping him.
I won't use his name , but **** that other coach . We would've lost this kid too if not for his firing , it would've been another name to a laundry list of south fla kids to go elsewhere.
"Jeff Bandy said former Miami coach Al Golden came to see his son play last year, and Golden told him that he “needed to grow another inch” to receive an offer from Miami."

What a p.o.s!
Thank you Clemson, without you Oklahoma would be getting Bandy
F**k golden, plenty of talented dbs ( Mathieu) who can play ball
This is an incredible moment in both family's life. Thanks for sensing that and documenting it, Pete.
Jeez, how many legit guys did we miss out on in the randy and Alf years because of their silly obsession with height?
Beautiful,.. Hopefully when bandy snags that first pick, in a game. He lifts that jersey up to reveal that old #26 ! RIP Sean Taylor, homey from round the way! Perrine, Richmond heights, the ridge, goulds,.. Let's get it!
Much as I hate al golden, I must say he gave bandy the chip on his shoulder. I am thankful of the player we got.
Refresh my memory on why college players can't wear the colored visors.