Turner working to silence critics

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
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Not saying I question the coaches' decisions when it comes to some of these less celebrated recruits, but I do resent this atmosphere where any questioning gets immediately shot down. Al Golden will not be 100% on the money with every recruit, and that's normal, true with every coach. But it's also normal to question coaches' decisions. I'm not saying he should be put on the hot seat or anything, I'm a huge Golden fan. I just hate the "well wtf do you know, our coaches know better" mentality.

You're probably a cool dude, and I understand your reasoning. But the bottom line is...they do. There is no possible way the you, I, or the other 4,000 people that paruse this sight know more, or see more than these coaches do. Especially at these camps! If they know what they are looing for in a recruit, and and he comes to camp, balls out, and shows the coaches exactly what they are looking for, then he deserves an offer. We all make bad decisions from time to time. But the knowledge and skillset that the staff is looking for, can't be better determined by anyone else. Take Eddie Johnson and Finnie for example. They go against Goldens track record, even though it was their own records that got them caught up. I'm rolling with the coaches on this one.

Solid post...even if by some miracle you do know half as much as the coaches do. You still haven't seen them up close in person the way our staff has. They have more information about these kids than any of us, (and any other coaching staff in the nation for that matter) and they have more knowledge and experience in analyzing that info than anyone else. Gotta roll with the staff...and I can actually say that with a ton more confidence than I did when it was Coker or Shannon as the HNIC.

You guys make good points, but if taken to their logical conclusion, we shouldn't be saying kids look good either. I agree with Muffins. It's fair to say you don't see someone as Miami caliber and it's fair to debate back why the kid is, or what you guess he demonstrated at camp. If knowing as much as Golden was required to post here, only he and DBC would be here. That being said, my ignorant *** says this was a good pick up of a guy who is going to get a lot more love as the year goes on.

Good post, a lot of the same things I pointed out in my post. If the human race never questioned anything we would have never grown, we would still be living in the caveman days. We would have never been able to question whether the world was flat or there were other planets, etc. In most cases debates and arguments brings growth.
Sounds like a great kid. And trust me, using a chip on one's shoulder positively, can be a great motivator.

Love this kids attitude. Hope he gets some burn at CB for his HS this year. True CANE with a chip on his shoulder I will take any day over a self proclaiming 5 star.