Top WR Lane impressed with Kaaya

Top WR Lane impressed with Kaaya

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
Homestead WR Ermon Lane is one of the top recruits in the country, but that hasn’t stopped him from focusing on his upcoming senior season. The Broncos have been under the new direction of Head Coach Ahmad Ward, but Lane says there hasn’t been too much of an adjustment needed.

“It hasn’t been different. It’s been the same since he’s been on the coaching staff long enough so we’ve just kept going with the flow. I’ve just been trying to keep my teammates’ heads on right. We’ve gone through our ups-and-downs so I want to keep everyone focused,” said Lane.

A player who emerged for Homestead this Spring was 2015 ATH Antonio Calloway.

“He’s going to have a great future. He’s a great guy, he listens, he goes hard, and he’s just an athlete. When he covers me, he goes 100% and he’s always trying to go up against me in practice to get better.”

The nation’s top receiver was watching on at the Al Golden Football Camp on Sunday.

“I just went down there to hang out there for the day. I was just looking at the drills and talking to the coaches. I was going to participate, but I had a little stomach virus the day before so I didn't. I might try to go again, but I have a schedule for the summer so I have to see what fits in.”

Miami QB commit Brad Kaaya’s performance impressed Lane.

“I was looking at him a lot. He has a good arm and accuracy. He looked like a good leader too.”

One of the more interesting things from the day was when Kaaya’s mother went up to Lane and his crew to introduce herself.

“She just told me that he (Brad) talks about me all the time. It was real crazy because I didn't know people talk about me all the way out there.”

Who else stood out to Lane?

“I was watching Johnnie Dixon and Travis Rudolph because they’re two of the top receivers in my class.”

Earlier today, the ‘Canes offered one of Lane’s very close friends, Tyre Brady.

“Wow. That’s a real good friend of mine and I’ve always wanted to play with Tyre Brady. He’s been waiting for that offer for a long time. We talk about playing with each other all the time.”

Despite the talk that Miami and Alabama are Lane’s top schools, he refuses to name any leaders.

“I don’t have any top schools. I’m wide open to every school. I’ll have like a top ten by the end of the summer.”

One of the factors rumored to be in the Crimson Tide’s favor is Lane’s relationship with Miami native Amari Cooper, but the Homestead product denied Cooper would play a deciding role.

“That’s not a big deal. Amari is a friend of mine, but nobody will have a say in my decision besides me and my mom so that will be up to me.”

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Momma HBK for Mom of the year
-shout out to kaaya's mom
-looking at future com in JD & TR
-cooper is done after his JR year so i doubt that
Brady to me is the 1 guy who I think can sway Lane a little if UM works hard with him to get his grades up and shows him love
I think I'm gonna stop reading updates on this kid, pretty useless, good **** though, Ms kaaya
I think I'm gonna stop reading updates on this kid, pretty useless, good **** though, Ms kaaya

I would usually agree, but there were some useful tidbits in there. This was the most I've ever gotten him to speak.
Way better interview than Lane normally gives. Sounds like Brady will play a bigger role than Coop which goes well with us.
More nothing. Might be time to leave this dude alone. He's never going to give you anything of value.
Good interview. Mike Barrow is this young man cousin, right? Let him have his fun with requirting. Not everyone is a Duke, but in then end I think he wears U on his helmet and in his heart.
I know they said Carroll offered brady but this is a play made by the south florida recruiting veteran James Coley.. he is teaching this staff to play the game a little bit..even though grades may not be great for Brady and not much tape he knows the kid can ball so they offer... keeps us in it for Ermon especially if Brady commits

this staff has to play the game a little, cause as people have said before its alot about politics unlike anywhere else.. just seems to be a move by coley to me
The WR's we are looking to bring in our sick. Kaaya has to be licking his chops to play with these kinds of athletes at the WR spot.
I think the Bama talk is just a lot of trumped up BS

I'm sure that the kid has interest in Bama but to say that they are the leader is pure BS speculation IMO