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Top 10 Teams in Miami-Dade/Broward

Top 10 Teams in Miami-Dade/Broward

Peter Ariz
With the High School Football season steadily approaching, here is a breakdown of the top teams in Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

1. Booker T. Washington
The “F5” Tornadoes bring back a lot of returning stars from last year’s state runner-up, including Miami target Matthew Thomas, who leads the defense. On offense, they are led by 2014 QB Treon Harris. The tornadoes get the nod over Central due to the quarterback play. Harris has multiple weapons at his disposal as well, with Lamar Parker and Nick Norris at receiver. Denver Kirkland anchors the offensive line and the defense will be a dominating force. We will see them face Central early in the season on September 8th.

Key Players: 2013 LB Matthew Thomas, 2013 OL Denver Kirkland, 2014 QB Treon Harris, 2014 CB Nigel Patten, 2014 DL Chad Thomas, 2013 ATH Nicholas Norris, 2013, 2014 ATH Lamar Parker

Key Games: vs. Central (Sept. 8), @Cedar Hill (Tx.) (Sept. 15), @Southridge (Nov. 9)

2. Central
The Rockets have gotten a lot of national attention already, recently being named the #1 team in the country by USA Today. They will be an explosive team, but I want to see their quarterback play before they are considered a better team than Booker T. Their QB is expected to be Brandon Diaz, a 6’2, 210 lb. transfer from Columbus. Diaz did not start at Columbus last year so lack of experience may be a bump in the road. If he performs up to his ability, it will be tough to beat them with their running game of Yearby and Cook.

Key Players: 2013 S Ahmad Thomas (Oklahoma), 2013 K Emilio Nadelman (FIU), 2013 CB Da’Wan Hunte (NC State), 2014 RB Joseph Yearby (FSU), 2013 QB Brandon Diaz, 2014 RB Dalvin Cook (Clemson), 2014 OL Trevor Darling (Miami)

Key Games: @Grayson (Ga.) (Aug. 31), @Booker T (Sept. 8), @Manatee (Sept. 14), vs. Columbus (Sept. 28), @Homestead (Oct. 5), vs. MNW (Oct. 26)

3. STA
The Raiders seem to be the top team in South Florida every year. This year, they will be led by their defensive line that includes OSU commit Joey Bosa and Miami 2014 target Anthony Moten. Offensively, Houston commit John O’Korn is the quarterback with weapons such as 2014 WR Corey Holmes and the two running backs, Fred Coppet and rising sophomore Madre London. They have a showdown against #5 Columbus early in the season.

Key Players: 2013 QB John O’Korn (Houston), 2013 RB Fred Coppet, 2013 DL Joey Bosa (Ohio State), 2013 LB Lance Virgile, 2014 WR Corey Holmes, 2014 DL Anthony Moten. 2015 RB Madre London

Key Games: vs. Columbus (Aug. 31), @Cypress Bay (Sept. 7), vs. Don Bosco Prep (NJ) (Sept. 14), @Miramar (Oct. 5)

4. University
University’s football program has really emerged over the last few years. They are losing their starting QB from last year, Gunnar Holcombe, who is now at Marshall, but they are loaded with talent on both sides of the ball. Jordan Cunningham leads them on offense along with running backs Jordan Scarlett and Lajuan Hunt. They are strong on the defensive side of the ball with Quay Bain anchoring the line. Nick Internicola and Skai Moore lead a strong LB group, and Junior Quincy Wilson leads the secondary.

Key Players: 2013 WR Jordan Cunningham, 2013 DL Maquedius Bain, 2013 LB Skai Moore, 2013 LB Nick Internicola, 2014 DB Quincy Wilson, 2013 OL Jordan Budwig, 2014 RB Lajuan Hunt, 2015 RB Jordan Scarlett

Key Games: @Trotwood-Madison (OH) (Aug. 25), @Cocoa (Sept. 14)

5. Miramar
The Patriots will be in the discussion for the state title yet again, despite the losses of QB Cameron Hudge, WR Malcolm Lewis, and CB Tracy Howard amongst others. Talking to offensive coordinator Tyrell Conyers, he says this team is more talented than last year’s, it will all be about how quickly they are able to mature. Jermaine Grace is the leader of the defense, while senior receiver Sean Avant leads on the offensive side of the ball. Rising Sophomore Khalil Lewis is name to keep an eye on. The cornerback tandem of Tyrek Cole and Jeffrey Lewis may be one of the top combinations in the state. Tracy Howard thinks very highly of both of them.

Key Players: 2013 LB Jermaine Grace, 2013 C Mike Miranda, 2014 QB Nick Jeanty, 2014 RB Cameron Rigby, 2014 WR Geonte Smith, 2015 WR Khalil Lewis, 2013 WR Sean Avant, 2013 RB Alex Lee, 2013 WR Khalil Webster

Key Games: @Manatee (Sept. 2), vs. Cypress Bay (Sept. 28), vs. STA (Oct. 5)

6. Columbus
The Explorers lose a lot of veteran leadership from last year’s squad, as starting QB Garrett Fortner, Louisville Freshman Brandon Radcliff, Miami Freshman Deon Bush, and All-Dade Lineman Luis Quintana all graduated. While this team may be younger, they are not short on talent. The running back group is as loaded as ever with Daryl Chestnut and Lorenzo Woodley leading the way. FSU commit Jesus Wilson provides an explosive threat from the receiver position. The key to this team’s success is in the hands of Sophomore QB Tucker Beirne, who transferred last year from Colorado. Beirne has all the tools to be special. Their young D-Line and secondary will also need to step up.

Key Players: 2013 WR Jesus Wilson (FSU), 2013 RB Daryl Chestnut, 2013 RB Lorenzo Woodley, 2014 RB Oshton Armstrong, 2013 LB Mikey Ferro, 2015 QB Tucker Beirne

Key Games: @STA (Aug. 31), @Belen (Sept. 7), @Central (Sept. 28), @MNW (Oct. 13), vs. Southridge (TBA)

7. Southridge
The Spartans have the potential to move as high as the top 3 on this list by the end of the season. Under the new direction of former South Miami coach Lamont Green, the team has a new attitude and mindset. The talent is there for the Spartans, led by Miami commit Jamal Carter who plays both sides of the ball. DB Lamar Robbins and RB Jamal Adjamah are also keys to their success. Perhaps the biggest offseason news regarding Southridge was the transfer of former Palmetto QB Troy Cook. He stabilizes their quarterback situation and gives them a legitimate passing threat from the position.

Key Players: 2013 QB Troy Cook, 2013 DB Jamal Carter (Miami), 2013 DB Lamar Robbins, 2014 RB Jamal Adjamah, 2014 LB Frank Newman

Key Games: vs. Homestead (Sept. 7), @MNW (Sept. 27), vs. Booker T (Nov. 9), vs. Columbus (TBA)

8. American Heritage Plantation
AHP is on this list because they are very strong at three of the premium positions in high school football, quarterback, running back, and middle linebacker. Last year, they went 9-2 without sophomore phenom Sony Michel, who was tore his ACL in the first game of the season. QB Tyler Cogswell (Arkansas Commit) gives them balance on the offensive side of the ball. Their defense should be strong as well with MLB Michael Deeb being the biggest name.

Key Players: 2013 QB Tyler Cogswell (Arkansas), 2013 MLB Michael Deeb (ND), 2013 DB Bryant Gross, 2014 RB Sony Michel, 2014 DB Carter Jacobs

Key Games: @Bolles (Sept. 7), vs. Cardinal Gibbons (Oct. 26)

9. Cypress Bay
The Lighting are a very solid team all-around. While they lost two stars from last year’s squad in Danny Isidora and Josh Witt, they return a boatload of talent. The offense should be explosive with NC State RB commit Matt Dayes and Wake Forest WR commit Alex Montgomery. Their defense will give opposing QBs trouble due to their strong secondary and LB group. Rising junior Marquese Dudley-Gordon should explode this season.

Key Players: 2013 RB Matt Dayes (NC State), 2013 WR Alex Montgomery (Wake Forest), 2014 S Marquese Dudley-Gordon, 2013 DB/LB Nico Marley (Tulane), 2013 DB Boaz Joseph, 2014 DE Justin Miles

Key Games: vs. STA (Sept. 7), @Miramar (Sept. 28), @Manatee (Oct. 12)

10. MNW
The Bulls had their worst season in recent memory last year, failing to make the playoffs. They play in arguably the most difficult district in the country with Central, Belen, Homestead, and Carol City. Their new Head Coach Stephen Field should bring a discipline that we haven’t seen from them in a while. Miami commitment Artie Burns is the focal point of the defense, along with LB Marquise Blanchard. The key for them will be replacing QB Elgin Hilliard, who is now a freshman at FIU, and Alabama freshman Amari Cooper, who accounted for much of their offense last year.

Key Players: 2013 DB Artie Burns (Miami), 2013 LB Marquise Blanchard, 2013 OL Gerald Wright (Marshall), 2013 DE D’Angelo Reynolds, 2014 ATH JoJo Robinson (FSU)

Key Games: vs. Southridge (Sept. 27), vs. Columbus (Oct. 13), vs. Belen (Oct. 20), @Central (Oct. 26), @Homestead (Nov. 2)

Comments (15)

Curious to see how much of a leap Southridge can make. They got huge upgrades at QB and coach.
Curious to see how much of a leap Southridge can make. They got huge upgrades at QB and coach.

A lot of people within the Columbus program think Southridge will give them a run for their money this year. Columbus played them twice at year. The first time they played, the explorers blew a 2 TD lead in the last few minutes and then won in the final seconds on a Brandon Radcliff run, and in the playoffs they won more handily. They ran a wing-T last season, which is something that Columbus has always been great against defending since they play Belen every year. The more traditional offense this year with a very good QB surrounded by great athletes will be fun to watch.
Btw look at STA's first three games. Talk about not shying away from competition...
Anyone got a link to the HS games that will be televised this year?
STA-Columbus will be televised and so will STA-Don Bosco

Miramar-Manatee too
Sta-columbus is fox sports Florida and the other two are espn2 or espnu
2. Central
The Rockets have gotten a lot of national attention already, recently being named the #1 team in the country by USA Today.

I see you didn't bother to read the breakdowns.
These are just your opinion right? Because I remember seeing Central got the honors of #1 team in the country.

Appreciate the breakdown though, nice job.

All rankings are opinions, aren't they?
2. Central
The Rockets have gotten a lot of national attention already, recently being named the #1 team in the country by USA Today.

I see you didn't bother to read the breakdowns.

Yeah, ****, that didn't register in my head for some reason.

These are just your opinion right? Because I remember seeing Central got the honors of #1 team in the country.

Appreciate the breakdown though, nice job.

All rankings are opinions, aren't they?

Was just seeing if they were yours or if you got them from somewhere. My bad.

100% original content is all you will get from me lol
great article its nice to see exactly which players on the best teams are going where. im currently attending miami and am hoping to get out and see some high school games this fall. wanna see jamal carter lay a ni99a out
i thought cook transferred out of central, or am i just dreaming up things...

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