Top 10 Games of the Decade, New Video!!!!

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Love your work, as always, Sir Freak! If you ever stop making vids.....I'll hunt you down......;)
Is it me, or do the guys wearing Orange and Green in all of the clips look a lot bigger and faster than the guys who have been wearing the Orange and Green the past 5-7 years? The players on those teams look like what LSU and Alabama look like today.
Really good stuff. I hope Miami can get back to playing football like this again. A few of those games shouldn't have been close.
Not sure what I miss most...the OB or difference makers on both sides of the ball
**** man, i miss the OB
Not too distract from the awesomeness of the video and I know this is a crappy first post, but Lil Nevin spotting at 5:03 mark.
Honestly, really a wasted decade. After 2002, nobody did less with more
Sick video.

MIAMI has a long way to go to back to that.
Jason gathers was wasted
When you see him hit that hole, you know RB was his spot
And if he touting the rock in OT vs *SU, we win
Too much talent wasted by Larry