The Work 9-26

The Work 9-26

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
**Miami Central offensive lineman Navaughn Donaldson might be the most valuable chip in the Canes’ class at the moment. He has been dominant this season at a position of need and will be a day one starter at Miami in all likelihood. OL coach Stacy Searels was at the Central-Booker T. Washington game on Saturday along with Mark Richt. The game featured not only Donaldson, but Florida commit Kadeem Telfort who is a take for Miami right now. There has been some positive buzz regarding the Canes and Telfort, but Miami is not convinced that a flip is imminent. I would classify the Canes’ chances as “work to do, but in the picture”.

The Canes are making progress with American Heritage’s T.J. Slaton, according to a source. Slaton has kept his recruitment close to the vest, but I’ve heard that him and Richt have hit it off and their relationship is strong. Richt has taken a close interest to his recruitment, which could swing things in Miami’s favor. Michigan is Miami’s biggest competitor.

**Running back commitment Robert Burns has been a hot topic amongst Canes fans this season, with the questions being 1) does Miami really want him? 2) why hasnn’t he been getting carries, and 2) will he stick in this class?

To answer the first question, yes, Miami wants him. They haven’t stopped recruiting him as some have suggested and I do not foresee them dropping him.

As far as his touches at Gulliver, I’m told that Burns has been dealing with a high ankle sprain since his team’s season opener and that has limited him. Gulliver has a bye this week and coaches hope that he will be back at full strength soon so they can fully integrate him at that point.

Lastly, I believe he will sign with Miami.

**Another commit that has been dealing with injury this season is South Dade 2018 CB D.J. Ivey, who fractured his foot in the first week of the season.

**UGA commit Latavious Brini has been telling people close to him that he’s going to flip to Miami. The Hurricanes staff is in “believe it til’ we see it” mode though, as they think he could be blowing smoke. Brini was at Miami’s game against FAU. The lengthy cornerback out of Mater Academy was high on Miami’s board until Miramar’s Brian Edwards committed, who is in a similar physical mold as Brini.

**Miami is still evaluating whether or not they will take another linebacker in this class. They currently have two commits in Bradley Jennings, Jr. and Waynmon Steed, who are both solid in their pledge. It would make sense that the Canes take another linebacker considering their depth concerns at the position this season. I get the sense that they just aren’t crazy about a third linebacker right now and whoever they add will be a name that hasn’t emerged yet. As of this time, I do not expect that DeAndre Wilder from Carol City in the class.

**If Miami loses C.J. Henderson to UF, it won’t be for a lack of trying. The coaching staff has made him a priority since January and shown him all the attention he could possibly want. Henderson nearly flipped to UF over the summer before UM coaches talked him out of it. Many assumed that with the Canes adding his high school teammates Trajan Bandy and Josh Jobe, the speedster would be tough to pry away from the class, but Henderson marches to the beat of his own drum and those two might not have as big an impact on him as initially thought. I’d peg him as a UF flip if I had to right now.

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Thanks Pete... on CJ , if his heart isn't on the Canes there's nothing you can do. Let's hope he sees the light, but if he doesn't oh well I'm pretty sure Richt will have a player or 2 on his list. With this staff I feel confident for the first time in 15 years!
Who are we looking at to replace Henderson other than possibly Brini? Need a plug and play type if we don't take an upside guy ( what I think of Henderson).
Thanks, Pete. So much for the "we're not really recruiting slaton" mopes out there
Pete, what do you think behind Henderson's infatuation with UF? They will have 3 losses or more before the end of the season and won't finish the season ranked.
If CJ doesn't want to be here, then **** him. Still not sure who in their right mind would want to go to that dump. Pretty interesting news about Slaton and Brini though.
If we could flip Telfort and add Slaton to Donaldson - That is a scary group of OL.

We need some elite CB's in this class - losing Elder and Colbert who need to be replaced. We can't rely on projects at that position.

One player we need to put the full court press on is Breon Dixon from Ga. He would be a perfect fit as a Sam LB in our class. That would give us a MLB Steed, Wil Jennings and Sam Dixon.

We need to close on a couple of elite prospects at WR and RB. Burns has some good measurables, but hasn't stayed healthy. Hopefully Richt can work his magic with Stephen Carr with USC being down. Also at WR Dingle and Njoku are ok, but not doing much this year. Devonta Smith or Holloman would be huge. Also if they could flip Jeudy.....that would make this class unreal.

Those are elite prospects, but we need to land a couple of them if we want to contend for National Championships.
i dont think Henderson was plug n play.

I just like his real speed..and thats what i think we need on defense..real miami speed.
If we could flip Telfort and add Slaton to Donaldson - That is a scary group of OL.

Thats my wish list at OL...and really scary...ALL three can essentially step in and log minutes here...All 3 look like second year college lineman right now....

Full court press on Slaton and Telfort imo...they need to be all in.

We definately need another LB...i dont see why not..The talent and depth there is still scary...
Interesting news with Slaton and Brini

ill take both of them . Coaches dont need to be playing with Henderson take Brini now. Get Slaton and Telfort thats more of need than CB right now especially if Brini flips to us. I Like Henderson but Brini, Edwards and Bandy will be a good get too. IMO Bandy , Edwards and Brini are better cbs right now. Matter of fact if we got Brini i would move Henderson to O if he was to stick.
If CJ doesn't want to be here, then **** him. Still not sure who in their right mind would want to go to that dump. Pretty interesting news about Slaton and Brini though.

Brini would be his replacement if he flips
That Breon Dixon is a savage, he should be our 3rd LB. Wilder isn't worth waiting on. We don't need LB's who can't even decide if their 100 with football. I'm not worried about Henderson, Bandy is the earlier contributor experience wise and that's what we need more than athleticism at this current juncture. Bring on Brini, sign 3 OT, load up on true CB's in 2018.
I think Edwards is a plug and play type of kid he needs to get saftey out of his mind he is a corner all the way, I think him impact is gonna be similar to mike pinkney.
Very good news on Telfort and Slanton... We need some maulers on the OL. Which one is better?
Great work as usual Pete! Can't believe CJ, he's been throwing up the U i thought he was solid w/ Bandy in the class. Just keep winning i'm confident well have a better record than UF but if his heart aint with The U i've said it once i'll say it again I DON'T WANT YOU!!!! I trust this staff CMR is the man its great to not worry week to week if we will win or not, or try to talk yourself into why we could win lol
I want CJ but if we have to basically beg him to stay then **** it. Brini as a replacement would be fine and tbh Slaton/Telfort being is way more importantin that it xcan bring us a championship oline