The Work 7-28

The Work 7-28

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
**Do not be surprised if former Nebraska DE Ernest Suttles joined the program within the next couple of weeks. Suttles is a class of 2013 prospect from Gaither High School in Tampa, who was dismissed from the Nebraska program back in June for striking his teammate over the head with a bottle at a party ( I can confirm that there is legitimate interest from both sides and according to a source close to Suttles, he will be a ‘Cane if there is a scholarship available to him. We should know by next week if there will be a spot for him. Here are Suttles’ highlights from high school:


**Although most of the talk in regards to freshmen linebackers has been about Alex Figueroa (and deservedly so), I would expect Jermaine Grace to play a role on the team this season. Eddie Johnson was obviously a huge loss in terms of production and say what you will about Gionni Paul, but he played a lot last season. Gabe Terry was another guy who was expected to take on larger responsibilities this season, but he’s gone as well. Grace is not the most physically imposing at his position, but he might be the fastest. Throughout his high school career, he showed the ability to quickly diagnose and react, which will get him onto the field right away. There’s a reason Miami has four linebacker commits this early in the process, with the possibility of a junior college prospect being added later. Another positive with Grace is that he has been on campus since May so he has had time to adjust and learn the playbook.

**Here are the freshman numbers (excluding Dobard, Figueroa, Knighton, and Odogwu who enrolled in January)
--Artie Burns #1
--Jamal Carter#6
--Stacy Coley #3
--Augustus Edwards #7
--Corn Elder #29
--Alex Gall #67
--Jermaine Grace #5
--Ray Lewis III #20
-Walk-on safety Andrew McClelland #45
--Kevin Olsen #19
--Walter Tucker #44

**I finally had the chance to watch Miami commit Demetrius Jackson’s highlights from Booker T. Washington’s spring game against Lakewood, and I was blown away. In just one game, Jackson flashed all of the signs of athleticism we have been hearing about and he did not look like someone who had never played football in their life. In the highlights, Jackson shows tremendous closing speed, surprising aggressiveness, and he used his long arms on multiple occasions to disrupt the quarterback. I expect Jackson to be used in a similar role to how Matthew Thomas was used over the past few seasons. Enjoy:


--A funny note: I had tweeted about how impressed I was with Jackson after watching these highlights, and Lakewood’s quarterback Tyrell Hubbard-Smith tweeted me this – “he was in my face the whollleeee game he real deal”

**Just to clarify something I mentioned last week…Although Miami has room to make up with Ermon Lane, the coaching staff will not stop recruiting him even if he commits elsewhere within the next few weeks like he has stated he will.

**Miami has one of the top offensive line classes in the country, arguably the best. While most people look at the talent level of the commits, something I have noticed from the times I have interacted with or interviewed each of them is that they are a very smart bunch. One of the underrated aspects of an offensive lineman’s game is the ability to communicate with each other and understand defensive schemes. The group of McDermott, Darling, Gibbons, and Linder seem to be on top of the mental side of the game, which should go a long way for them once they get on campus.

**Here is some info on some South Florida prospects at UF’s annual Friday Night Light’s event that was held this past Friday:
-I was told from someone in attendance that 2016 University School wide receiver Sam Bruce was maybe the most impressive wide receiver participating. This doesn’t come as a surprise considering Bruce is nearly uncoverable in one-on-one camp settings. Bruce also won the 40-yard dash portion of the camp with ease.

-Hialeah C A’lique Terry continued his impressive offseason run, and was considered the top offensive lineman in attendance. Terry has torn it up during the camp circuit. Back in March, he was extremely impressive against top talent at the Miami NFTC combine and then last month he won OL MVP at Miami camp. He was the only lineman who was able to hold his own against Travonte Valentine at that Miami camp. I would have liked to see Miami offer Terry, but that spot was taken by Nick Linder.

-2015 University School CB Rashard Causey came home with a Florida offer. Causey was offered by Miami back in June after a camp performance.

-2015 Central WR Da’Vante Phillips committed to the Gators after the camp. Miami will continue to recruit him.

**Texas SG transfer Sheldon McClellan will have to sit this season out, but will be a pivotal part of the 2014-2015 team. One of the staples of Coach Larranaga’s belief system is efficiency, which is something McClellan will need to improve upon from his time as a Longhorn. Let’s take a look at the stats:
McClellan (2012-2013) in comparison with
13.5 PPG
3.9 RPG
0.9 APG
.382 FG%
.273 3PT%

Durand Scott (2012-2013)
13.1 PPG
4.0 PPG
2.6 APG
.453 FG%
.353 3PT%
--McClellan is much more of a pure scorer and volume shooter than Scott, but his shooting percentages should see a big jump in Larranaga’s system.

**Miami lost out on one of the top 2014 players on their board tonight, as Northeast’s Malik Price-Martin committed to USC. The athletic power forward had Miami near the top of his list.

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Any prediction on the Trent Harris announcement?
Good info...this is the best info...I have seen in a while better then Bakas...your info leaves us with the facts and optimistic about potential recruits
wow at Jackson's highlights. If you had told me they were Chad Thomas', I wouldn't have been surprised
Pete what are your thoughts on the Lane recruitment.

Who do you think leads right now?
Pete, do u think Suttles is a plan b incase someone else doesn't get in?
how you know miami is finally getting its depth up to par: a bunch of incoming freshmen are taking duplicate numbers
Do you think the staff continues to recruit JUCO's like this when they get their numbers where they want to be?
Pete, do u think Suttles is a plan b incase someone else doesn't get in?

I don't necessarily think he's a plan B, I just think they want to make sure there's room for him considering this class size and other factors
Pete what are your thoughts on the Lane recruitment.

Who do you think leads right now?

I think UF leads and if him and Quincy are being serious about wanting to play at the same school then I think that's where he ends up. There will also be factors pushing him to stay in Miami later in the process so that could keep them alive.

Hopefully one of those factors is Miami racking up the Wins
Do you think the staff continues to recruit JUCO's like this when they get their numbers where they want to be?

Probably not as many as they have been, but I don't mind a couple JUCOS a year. Even Saban continues to bring them in. They add experience and usually size to their position group.