The Work 6-3

The Work 6-3

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
A quick Saturday morning edition of The Work...

Notes on a couple defensive back commits

**Carol City safety Randy Russell is up in Gainesville right now with his team for a UF camp, but a source said he's been in contact with Canes coaches while on his visit there and is communicating that his commitment is solid to them. Miami running back commit Camron Davis is also there with the Carol City team.

**As you would imagine, Miami continues to do everything in their power to fight off any of Josh Jobe's potential suitors -- including Alabama and Florida. Although most have assumed that Jobe heading to prep school will make it tougher for the Canes to hold on to his commitment, Miami coaches actually believe the structured environment and schedule of Cheshire Academy will help his development on-and-off the field. UM safeties coach Ephraim Banda went up to the school in Connecticut earlier in the spring and met with coaches and academic advisors within the school in to help prepare for Jobe's arrival.

Miami wants to add another prospect from down south

**With D.J. Ivey already committed to UM's 2018 class, coaches are trying to add another South Dade prospect to the mix.

Outside linebacker/defensive end Patrick Joyner is a Florida State commit, but Miami likes their chances of flipping him. The pass rusher was a recent offer for the Canes and he came to multiple UM practices during spring.

Another South Dade prospect currently committed elsewhere that the Canes have a very close eye on is 2019 WR Frank Ladson, who is committed to UF. A source said Miami was thoroughly impressed with him during their spring evaluations and he will be a priority for them in 2019.


Tomorrow's 7-on-7 camp tomorrow will include Southridge -- where commits Mark Pope, Daquris Wiggins, and Diamant Howard are all expected to participate. Southridge, like Carol City, was up at Florida the last couple days. A source reiterated that UM isn't concerned with Mark Pope's level of commitment.

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[MENTION=7366]Cane Dynasty[/MENTION] you're 5 mins late dude, don't start slacking on me now
Can't wait to flip Ladson to increase the stream of Gator tears ten fold [MENTION=9338]RVACane[/MENTION]
Pete any updates on Geo???
Ahhhh Ladson would really **** off the Turds! Want
"The Work" twice in 3 days.
I see you're just getting warmed up for Paradise season.
Thank's Pete!
The attention our commits are getting from other schools is a testament to this staffs early evaluations. Even our "lower" ranked recruits are getting massive attention from elite schools. Clearly, the attention for guys like Jobe, lingard, pope is expected.

One thing to keep in mind is the staffs from other schools are throwing **** at wall right now. They try to plant seeds of uncertainty or confusion in the kids heads and best case, a kid or two makes a rash emotionaial decision or strains the relationship with the UM staff. As Banda said, these coaches ultimately have to get on a Plane and go back home. Once the season rolls around in august, they have much less time to recruits and strategically, they need to focus that limited attention on kids who they can actually sign. This is why Paradise camp is later in the summer and somewhat secretive. Canes coaches want to get all these kids back on campus, together and build excitement before the season and AFTER this crazy period of recruiting. RIDE the WAVES!
Patrick Joyner is 6'2.5" 209lbs... so much for the notion that Chatfield wasnt offered bc of his size.
Patrick Joyner is 6'2.5" 209lbs... so much for the notion that Chatfield wasnt offered bc of his size.

Different prospects. Chatfield is more of a pure down lineman. You can stand Joyner up and he has more length and twitch
Great insight here. Can't wait to here how the weekend down south went. Will there be a follow up article?
I know there different type of players but I'd take Joyner and chattfield over Greg R.
So what's going with Oladele?
Wow....Joyner has some great film. Good athlete with nice pass rush moves. Gets skinny when rushing , but doesn't look like a one trick pony. Moves really well.

His rating seems really underrated, hopefully we can flip him.
I'm sure Aubrey Hill being their coach has a lot to do with why they're all there.